National RIBSA U-14 Final Walsh Vs Crowley

The 2018 National RIBSA U-14 Snooker Championships final will be between Sean Walsh from the Douglas Snooker Club in Cork and Leone Crowley from Shooters Snooker Club in Cork after both players played fantastic snooker on the day in the Ivy Rooms on Sunday the 11th of March.

The final will be now be played during RIBSA finals weekend in the Ivy Rooms SC from 11th – 13th of May.

The standard all day was very high from our young stars and in the Q Finals Ryan McGuirk beat Keilum Reid 3-1, Sean Walsh beat Adam Quinn 3-1, Leone Crowley beat his brother Sean Paul Crowley 3-1 and in the final Q-Final Alex Curid beat Aaron Smith 3-2 to set up two fantastic semi-finals.

  • Semi Final 1: Ryan mc Guirk v Sean Walsh

Frame 1 both players started off with good safety but it was Ryan who took the 1st frame on a score of 62-35. Frame 2 Sean started off well with an excellent break of 31  then good safety once again til Ryan got in and scored 23 but Sean got back in and cleared a 32 score to go on and win the frame 73-23

Frame 3 Once again this frame was all about safety but it was Sean who went on to win the frame 73-38. Frame 4 Ryan went on to win this frame 59-33 to go into a deciding frame. Frame 5 This was a very tense but invigorating final game no corners were left upturned in this decider but it was Sean who was victorious in winning the match on a score of 68-54

  • SEMI FINAL NO.2 Leone Crowley v Alex Currid 

Frame 1 Great start from both young players a lot of safety from both but it was Alex who won the 1st frame on a score of 52-11. Frame 2 All frames today were saftey play as both contenders knew what was at stake in this frame it went to a black ball and Leone went on to win 53-45.

Frame 3 this was a tense frame for both players and it was Alex who went on to win this 1 71-32. Frame 4 superb frame, great pots from both players and it was Leone who won this 58-23 to go into a deciding frame. Frame 5 Another great safety game, long potting but it was Leone Crowleys day winning 69-25 well done to both players on the day.

  • The Final

The final promises to be an exciting match with two incredible potters and we are guaranteed a new name on the famous cup.

  • Thank You

A special thank you all who took part on the day, to RIBSA , Ivy Rooms, TD Declan Quinn and to Referee Pat Haniffin on making it a big success on the day.

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