National Scotch Doubles Championships

The 2018 RIBSA National Scotch Doubles Championship will be held on Saturday the 1st of September in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow.   The Entry Fee is €40.00 and anyone wishing to enter a team should ring Ivy Rooms SC 059-9137714 or text RIBSA 085 2428701 before 1pm Friday 31st of August.


Event Rules:

  1. One Senior International per team – IBSF singles event player or EBSA singles event play from the last 10 years. International team events do not apply.
  2. Players do not have to be from the same club.
  3. Proper snooker attire must be worn. RIBSA International waistcoat not permitted.
  4. Each side shall open alternate frames and the order of play shall be determined at start of each frame and must be maintained throughout that frame.
  5. Players may change the order of play at the commencement of each new frame.
  6. If a foul is made and a request to play again is made, the player who made the foul plays the next shot and the order of play is unchanged.
  7. If a foul is called for playing out of turn, the offender’s partner will lose a turn, whether or not the offender is asked to play again.
  8. When a frame ends in a tie and a respotted black is necessary, the pair who played the first stroke has the choice of which player will make that stroke.  The order of play must then continue as in the frame.
  9. Partners may confer during a frame but not whilst one is striker and is at the table.


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