2019 Intermediate National Championships – ENTER NOW

The 2019 RIBSA Snooker Intermediate National Championships will be held on Saturday the 4th of May in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. Tony Thorpe will be the TD on the day.

You must text your entry to RIBSA on 085 2428701. This is a text number only and you must include your name, club and name of the event you wish to enter.

The Closing Date for Entries is Friday the 3rd of May @ 1pm and it promises to be a great day of Intermediate snooker to find the 2019 finalist. The final will be played during RIBSA finals weekend.

  • New Format this year 

This year RIBSA held four National Intermediate Tournaments plus new Grand Final event which was won by James Fennessy and now we will finish off the season with the National Intermediate Championships. National waistcoats are not permitted to be worn at RIBSA tournaments.


You can now text your entry to 085 2428701.  This is a text number only and you must include your name, club and the event you want to enter by the closing date.  Entry fees are payable on the morning of the event and entries will be accepted up to 1pm on the Friday before the tournament.

  • The Entry fee will be €20 for seniors and €10 for juniors plus RIBSA registration.
  • RIBSA registration fee are 21 and over – €15.00, 16-20 – €10.00 and Under 16 – €5.00
  • One Day Registration is also available at €5.00.

You can also contact the host club direct to enter and No player will be permitted to enter a tournament if he or she has money outstanding from a previous tournament last season.

  • Guidelines for eligibility to play 2018 – 2019 season:

Players in the categories listed below are not allowed play in the Intermediate events.

  1. Any player who finished in the Top 16 on the Senior Rankings in the previous 3 seasons.
  2. Current and former Irish Senior Champions.
  3. Current and former WPBSA main tour players.
  4. Former Senior Internationals.

Players in all above categories who feel they have a legitimate reason to be allowed play may apply in writing to RIBSA at info@ribsa.ie to request a review of their status.

RIBSA council reserves the right to review the eligibility of all players who enter Intermediate events

Players must be properly dressed for all RIBSA competitions. The dress code is dark shoes, dark one coloured trousers (no jeans), one coloured shirt buttoned at the wrist and waistcoat.

Waistcoats must be worn for all matches. National Waistcoats are not permissible. Matches will commence @ 10.00am on the day and a Copy of the Rules for all tournaments will be available at the tournaments.

The following players below are ineligible to play

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