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The Republic of Billiards & Snooker Association have just announced details of a new exciting event on this year’s Calendar. The RIBSA Shoot-Out will be held on Saturday the 30th of November in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow.

This will be a great addition to our National RIBSA Calendar with this new exciting time format of 10 minutes per match. There will be eight matches played during each session and there will be no shot-clock but a 3-2-1 count down will begin matches and 3-2-1 will end matches.

  • Entry Fee

In the 2019 RIBSA Shoot-Out, the entry fee will be €30.00 for over 21yrs old and €20.00 for under 21yrs of age players. The fee includes the Shoot-Out polo shirts that will be worn by all the players.

  • Enter Early

Pre-paid early entries can order the size of polo shirt they require so enter early. The entry fee enters players into four events on the day as each semi-finalist will qualify for the knock out last 16 knock out round to find the winner.

  • Closing Date

The last day for entries will be Sunday the 24th of November at 1pm during the Senior Ranking event in Darcy McGees Spawell in Dublin.

  • Winner takes all

The winner will take all and I ask all the players to promote the event as much as possible via social media and try to make this event a big success.

  • Tournament Info
  1. Entry Fee is €30.00 for over 21yrs
  2. Entry Fee is €20.00 for under 21yrs
  3. Each player entered in the 4 events on same day
  4. Each player receives a Polo Shirt on the morning
  5. All players must wear RIBSA Polo Shirts for all matches

All 4 draws done in advance like in QSchool and the Semi Finalists in each event qualifies for last 16 knock outs starting at 4pm. Large Prize with Winner takes all fund is to attach a large number of players. 

No shot clock will be used but Roaming Referee will monitor all the matches and any player playing tactics of slow play to run down the clock will be warmed by the Referee and two warnings he will forfeit the match.

TD on the day will be our National Coach PJ Nolan and every 15 min a new session of matches will begin.

  • Example start at 10am on 8 tables
  • 8 matches finish at 10.10am
  • 8 matches start at 10.15am
  • 8 matches finish at 10.25am

16 players play every 30mins which gives you example of time duration of event. All qualifiers give walk over to opponents in other draw sheets. Play until only 16 players qualifiers.

Enter today and do not miss out of the most exciting tournament of the season. Remember to include the size of the polo shirt you require when you are paying your entry fee.

For more information : email info@ribsa.ie

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