RIBSA Senior Event 3 – Ivy Rooms – ENTER NOW ON LINE

The third RIBSA Senior Snooker Ranking event of the season ” The Presidents Cup” sponsored by Eamon Kearns will be played on Saturday / Sunday the 14th & 15th of December. This event will be held in the the Ivy Rooms SC Snooker Club in Carlow.

ONLY Enter Via the On-Line Payment System 

The only way to enter any RIBSA event after December 2nd 2019 is via the new on line payment system.

Please Note

The top 16 players should be reminded that they will no longer be entered into senior tournaments automatically. They will need to enter each event themselves.

It has been a great start to the season with Brendan O Donoghue winning event 1 in Letterkenny and Rodney Goggins winning Event 2 in Darcy McGees in Dublin. Event 3 promises to be another great event.

The Closing date for entries for Event 3 in Carlow will be Thursday the 12th of December at 1pm and the Tournament Director will be PJ Nolan.

Enter Via – On-Line Payment System

Players will have to first pay their yearly membership and register for the season. When they register, they will be asked to create a username and password before they will be allowed to enter an event.

Only then will players be able to enter a RIBSA Tournament. 

Please Note: Any player who has already paid their yearly RIBSA membership must redo this process on line and they will be refunded when they arrive at the tournament.

RIBSA Yearly Registration Fees

  • Family – €32.00
  • 21 and over – €17.00
  • 16-20 yrs old – €12.00
  • Under 16 – €7.00
  • One Day/Event – €7.00

RIBSA Entry Fees

Senior Events

  • 21 and over – €31.00
  • 16-20 yrs old – €16.00
  • Under 16 – €5.00
  • New Tournament Format

All RIBSA Senior Ranking Tournaments will he held on Saturday & Sunday as per Calendar of Events.

  • Entry Details for Event 2

You can now enter via the on line payment system – CLICK HERE

  • Entry Fees for Event 2

The Cost of entry for all Senior Tournaments this season will be €31.00 for 21yrs and over. Players under 21 on 31st December 2019 will be classed as Junior – Entry fee for Juniors will be €16.00

All players must be members of RIBSA to play in any tournament. Ladies will be allowed free entry to all Senior, Masters, Intermediate and under age events..

RIBSA registration fees are 21 and over – €17.00, 16-20 yrs old – €12.00 and Under 16 – €7.00 This must be paid online and if already paid will be refunded at the event.

  • One Day Membership

‘Following representation from Club owners RIBSA have decided to introduced one day / one event membership fee. The cost of this membership is €7.00 and is only valid for the duration of each particular event. It is hoped that this will encourage more participation in RIBSA Events ”

  • Entry Info

The 2019 – 2020 RIBSA Senior Snooker Ranking Series will feature 6 Ranking events and the National Snooker Championships this season.  These rankings will be used to select the senior International players.

  • Tournament Prize Fund 

Players are asked to note that the prize fund for tournaments in 2019/20 season will depend on number of entries less tournament expenses.  Prize fund and expenses will be announced on the day at each event.  Expenses will include payment of Tournament Director, Referees and payment of €2 per player to host club.

  • Closing Dates

The closing date for senior tournaments will be 1pm on the Thursday before the start of competition, without exception.  The draw for each tournament will be available on the website www.ribsa.ie, as soon as possible.

Players must be properly dressed for all RIBSA competitions. The dress code is dark shoes, dark one coloured trousers (no jeans), one coloured shirt buttoned at the wrist and waistcoat. Waistcoats must be worn for all matches. National Waistcoats are not permissible.

More information email info@ribsa.ie


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