Sherwin Wins Ladies 6 Red Title

The ladies national 6 reds championships was held at Newbridge CYMS on Sunday 13th April.  Matches were played on a round-robin basis, each match being 2 frames, with the top 2 players after the round-robin stage playing each other in a best of 7 final. 

Defending champion Michelle Sherwin qualified for the final without dropping a frame in the round-robins. Michelle French had a great opportunity to get a 1-1 result with Michelle after potting a lovely blue and pink to leave herself a difficult black to the centre, the black caught the knuckle and went over the opposite centre pocket to leave an easy pot for Sherwin to win 2-0. 

Claire Mill beat Annette Newman 2-0; Catherine Fitzsimons 2-0 and had a 1-1 draw with Michelle French.  Annette had a 1-1 draw with Michelle French and also had a cracking 1-1 draw with Catherine Fitzsimons. Catherine and Michelle French also had a 1-1 draw. The results gave a final between Michelle Sherwin and Claire Mill.  Claire needed a snooker in the 1st frame when she accidentaly pot the blue and gave the frame to Michelle.  Michelle had a nice break in the 2nd frame to win it comfortably, and from there she went from strenght to strenght and won the next 2 frames with realtive ease to win the championship 4-0. 

Michelle French and Annette Newman played off for 3rd position. Annette won the 1st frame on the black, Michelle potted some great long shots to win the 2nd frame, and the 3rd went all the way to the black again with Michelle eventually winnning 2-1. 

Many thanks to Leo and Joe from CYMS for all of their help on the day, and a big thanks goes to Newbridge for the use of their fabulous facilities over the season.  The national snooker championships will take place in the Ivy rooms,Carlow on Sunday 11th May from 12pm.

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