RIBSA Ladies Coaching Day with PJ

On Saturday the 14th of March the Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association held a free Ladies Snooker Coaching Day in Newbridge CYMS with our National Coach PJ Nolan who is regarded as one of the best Snooker Coaches in the world.

All the players were guided by PJ from 11am – 4pm. PJ showed all the ladies the skills of the game to a wide range of players from the experienced player to players who were only starting to play the game.

10 times RIBSA National Ladies Irish Champion Michelle Sherwin attended along with Kim Cuthbert, Michelle Ffrench, Katie Ffrench, Rhonds Sheldreck and Claire Mill and RIBSA hope this promotion day will encourage more girls to start playing or refereeing snooker at the RIBSA National level.

Michelle‘’ said she was delighted with the quality of coaching on the day, some players were completely new to the game and they looked like they really enjoyed it. I hope the players will use it to improve their game in the future ‘’.

RIBSA would to thank Tony Thorpe and Newbridge CYMS for hosting the event and helping to make it a success.

During the coaching PJ helped the players to get into a good address position and he worked on developing their Stance, Grip, Bridge and Cue Actions to strike the cue ball with a smoother stroke. All the players were recorded and their techniques were fine-tuned and each player recieved a DVD of the action from the lesson which included a new RIBSA Ladies Training Program.

The players played various mini games and PJ showed everyone how to play the correct safety and the day was hailed a great success by everyone who attended. If any lady would like more information about Ladies Snooker in Ireland they should contact Michelle Sherwin on 087 414 0864. If you need more information on RIBSA you can Email : info@ribsa.ie 

PJ ‘’ said Ladies snooker is very important within RIBSA and we will do everything to develop the game properly to produce more players in Ireland and he hopes to hold more promotion days later in the year.’’

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