Murphy wins National 6red Title

Robert Murphy from the Q Club Wicklow won the Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association National 6 Reds Snooker Championships in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club on Sunday the 29th of May.

In the final Robert beat his team mate Michael Judge 5 frames to 3 to claim the title. In the Semi Finals Robert Murphy beat Benny O Brien 5 frames to 3 and Michael Judge beat Mark Owens 5 frames to 4 in two excellent matches.

Robert also had the high break with a 74 break. RIBSA would like to wish all the Irish players good luck in the European next week in Lithuania.


Michael Judge Vs Karl Ellis 5-2

Mark Owens Vs Richie Flynn 5-4

Benny O Brien Vs Colvin O Brien 5-4

Peter Dunne Vs Robert Murphy 0-5

Play started at 10.30am and our National Coach PJ Nolan was the TD on the day. All matches were the best of 9 frames including the final. RIBSA would like to thank the Ivy Rooms for hosting the event and to referee Ger Murray in making the event such a success.


6red RULES

The IBSF / EBSA have adopted the following rules for 6 Reds Snooker. These rules will apply during the 2016 National RIBSA 6 Red Snooker Championships.

The usual Rules of Snooker apply with the following exceptions.

1. There will be no more than 5 consecutive ‘Foul and a Miss’ calls at any one time.

2. After 4 consecutive ‘Foul and a Miss’ calls, the referee will warn the offending player that should a ‘Foul and a Miss’ be called again, the following options are available to the non-striker. 
(a) He can play from where the balls have come to rest. 
(b) He can ask their opponent to play from where the balls have come to rest. 
(c) He can place the cue-ball anywhere on the table, but this option cannot be taken if play has reached the ‘Snookers required’ stage.

3. The player cannot snooker behind a nominated colour at any time. (Including when playing a colour after potting a red or a free-ball nominated as a red.)

National 6 reds : Entry

The entry fee to the National 6reds will €20.00

1. Mike Skelly – Newbridge CYMS N/S

2. Darren Ayres – Edenderry

3. Noel Landers – Youghal CYMS N/S

4. Gerry McArdle – Dublin

5. Peter Dunne – Dublin

6. James McGuinness – Kilkenny N/S

7. Benny O’Brien –  Kilkenny

8. Richie Flynn – Norris’ Waterford

9. Alan O’Connor – Shooters

10. Andrew Doherty – Celbridge

11. Robert Murphy – Qclub Wicklow

12. Michael Judge – Qclub Wicklow

13. Mark Owens – Terry Rogers SC

14. Colvin O Brien – Ivy Rooms SC

15. Gavin O Donnell – Ivy Rooms SC

16. Karl Ellis – Dublin

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