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RIBSA held a succesful Day 1 of their training weekend with sports mind coach Paddy Maher and National Coach PJ Nolan to help prepare our players for the upcoming International Snooker & Billiard Championships on Saturday the 30th July in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow from 11am- 4pm. 

All Home International Senior, Masters, Billiards, Under 21 and Under 16 players plus IBSF U-18 & U-21 players were invited to come to the camp with Paddy Maher who is one of the leading mind coaches in Ireland and PJ Nolan to help improve their mind fitness and overall game. 

On Saturday the 30th of July, the snooker coaching began at 11am with some snooker training and it was finished off with Paddy’s mind session from 2pm – 4pm. Paddy trained the players in a specific session on getting them to work more on the mental side of the game which is key at this level. 

In attendance today were Shane Bates, Ross Bulman, Rodney Goggins, Dylan Rees, Adam Fitzgerald, Eamon Harkin, Noel Landers, Dyan Keightley, Aaron Holland, Noel Gleeson, Grace Park, Ronan Whyte, Darragh Cusack, Stephen Bateman, Mark Gleeson and Andrei Deaconescu, John Kehoe and Brendan Devlin. All the players received a handout from Paddy and PJ to help them to remember the advice on the day and the players were very happy with the overall session.

High Breaks

The high break on the day was Stephen Bateman 108 (Magiure Break), other top breaks were Aaron Holland (Maguire Break), Shane Bates 94 (Maguire Break), Rodney Goggins 98 (Thailand Break), Darragh Cusack 91 (Thailand Break) and Shane Bates 94 (Thailand Break) but it was Rodney Goggins who won the overall Break Building Challenge. 

Day 2 on Sunday 31st of July promises to be another good day of training and RIBSA would like to thank Paddy Maher and the Ivy Rooms SC for making day 1 of the camp a big success. 

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