Sherwin wins 4th RIBSA Ladies event

The fourth ladies ranking event took place in Celbridge on 19th Feb.  Michelle Sherwin was the first to claim her place in the final in the round robin stage, and the other finalist was decided in the match between Paula Judge and Claire Mill.  The first frame went to a re-spotted black, Paula won the toss and put Claire in and off the break off Claire left the ball hanging in the jaws of the green pocket for Paula to pot and take the first frame. The 2nd frame went all the way to the black also, and Claire got an unlucky gunk off the middle jaws to leave an easy black for Paula to take the frame and join Michelle in the final. 

In the final Paula won the first 2 frames on the black, with both players having missed a few opportunities in both frames to pot it.  Michelle won the 3rd frame well, and won the 4th on the blue to tie the match at 2-2 and force a deciding frame.  Paula had an early lead in the final frame, but Michelle hung in and clawed the lead back a few points at a time.  Michelle laid a good snooker which Paula failed to get out of with 2 reds left on the table. Michelle took the final red to lead by 35 but missed a relatively easy black.  After a shot on the final red from Paula, Michelle potted a lovely red back into a blind green pocket at which time Paula conceded the match.

I would like to congratulate Michelle on a fantastic comeback in the match and on finishing the season yet again as ladies no.1. I would also like to wish her well in her recovery from a serious recent surgery.  Well done to Paula Judge on having top breaks of 46 and 38 and to ronda Sheldreck and Catherine Fitzsimons for playing so good on the day. Huge thanks also goes to Phil and the staff at Celbridge for their lovely welcome, and we would like to compliment them on the magnificent tables.

The next tournament will be our 6 reds championship in Newbridge CYMS on Sunday 12th March at 12pm.


Report by Claire Mill

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