Dowling wins Senior Ranking No.6

TJ Dowling from Terry Rogers SC in Dublin won the sixth RIBSA Senior Snooker Ranking event ‘ The Grand Prix ‘ sponsored by Gerry Stokes on Saturday / Sunday the 4th and 5th of March in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow.

In the final TJ beat Brendan O Donoghue from Nenagh 4 frames to nil in the final. In the semi finals TJ beat Mark Tuite 4-2 while Brendan beat John Farrell 4-2. The Tournament high break was won by Rodney Goggins with a 101 break.

RIBSA would like to thank all the Players, Referees and the Ivy Rooms for making the event a big success.


RIBSA would like to wish Michael Judge, Brendan O Donoghue, TJ Dowling, John Farrell and Philip Browne the best of luck in the 2017 European Championships in Cyprus next weekend and with all the boys in good form the championship is coming up at the right time for the Irish. 

Good Luck Team Ireland !!!!!!!

Entry Fees

The cost of entry for Senior Tournaments will be €30.00 for 21 and over. Players under 21 on 31st December 2015 will be classed as Junior – Entry fee for Juniors will be €15.

Entry for under 16’s will be free, (all players must be members of RIBSA to play in any tournament)

RIBSA registration fees are 21 and over – €15.00, 16-20 – €10.00 and Under 16 – €5.00 



The Top 16 players on the current Senior Rankings will be entered automatically into the draw for the event. If any player cannot play they must contact RIBSA to remove their name from the draw.

This event will have two tables live streamed from the Ivy Rooms over the weekend 



The 2016 – 2017 RIBSA Senior Snooker Ranking Series will feature 6 Ranking events and the National Snooker Championships this season.  These rankings will be used to select the senior International players. 

The players received a player’s letter and reregistration forms in the post. The players are requested to bring the forms filled in to the event.

If the tournament is running late the T D may decide to hold over the Semi –Finals and Final until the Sunday but not before 12noon so as not to interfere with the Masters Tournament schedule.

Prize Fund – Total prize fund for all senior events is €1350.

Winner                    = €500

R-up                       = €250

Semi’s                    = €240  (120 x 2)

Quarter’s                = €260   (65 x 4)

High Break             = €100

RIBSA will pay all tournament expenses.

Closing Dates

The closing date for senior tournaments will be 1pm on the Thursday before the start of competition, without exception.  The draw for each tournament will be available on the website, as soon as possible.

Players must be properly dressed for all RIBSA competitions. The dress code is dark shoes, dark one coloured trousers (no jeans), one coloured shirt buttoned at the wrist and waistcoat. Waistcoats must be worn for all matches. National Waistcoats are not permissible.

A Copy of the Rules for all tournaments will be available at the venue.

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