Good Luck RIBSA Players – EBSA Albania

RIBSA would like to wish all the Irish players and teams good luck in the 2017 (EBSA) European Billiards & Snooker Association Championships in Albania from the 31st May – 11th of June.  A RIBSA training camp weekend was held on the 13th & 14th of May with National Coach PJ Nolan to help prepare the players who will compete in the Masters Singles Championships, Mens Team Championships, Masters Team Championships and the European Open.

Masters Singles

1. Michael Judge 

2. John Farrell 

3. Brian McPhee 

4. Mark Tuite

5. Stephen Walsh

6. Anthony Bonnar 

Masters Team

1. Michael Judge / Anthony Bonnar

2. Brian McPhee / Stephen Walsh

Mens Team

1. John Farrell / Mark Tuite

2. David Cassidy / Greg Casey

European Open

1. Michael Judge 

2. Mark Tuite

3. David Cassidy

4. Greg Casey

5. Anthony Bonnar

6. Stephen Walsh



Calendar of events in Albania 

31st May: Start of 6Reds Championship at 09:30

3rd June: Start of European Snooker Open at 09:30

4th June: Final of the Open and Official Opening Ceremony

5th June: Start of Team Championships (Ladies, Masters, Men) at 09:30

5th June: Start of Individual Championships (Masters and Ladies) at 16:00

8th June: EBSA Annual General Meeting at Rafaelo Resort at 19:00 : RIBSA Delegate  Jim Leacy Chairman

10th June: Semi-Finals and Finals of Individual (Masters and Ladies) Championships

11th June: Semi-Finals and Finals of the Team Championships

Entry Fee: Please note the entry fees will be payable to EBSA, to be paid before the start of each event.


The room prices including breakfast are as follows: Four Stars Rooms price: Single €49 Twin €69 Triple €89 There are 400 rooms available Five Stars Rooms price: Single €75 Twin/Double €99 There are 42 rooms available

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