Wednesday, July 8

Sherwin wins Ladies Event 3

The third ladies ranking event took place in Q’s on Sunday 3rd December.  Michelle Sherwin was the first to make the final, her opponent was decided in the match between Ronda Sheldreck and Catherine Fitzsimons, with Catherine making it through by winning the deciding frame on the pink ball.

Ronda played excellent today, especially noted was her middle pocket pots, not many were missed.  Michelle played Catherine for the 2nd final in a row.  The first frame was close enough with Michelle just managing to win it on the blue ball.  Michelle won the 2nd frame comfortably, the 3rd frame was a bit closer but Michelle managed to get over the line and win 3-0.

Catherine needs to be commended on her long potting today, especially with balls on the cushions, she was absolutely outstanding.  Leah Moran also put in a fantastic performance, only narrowly missing out on frames, she has a natural talent and will definitely be one to watch for the future.

Thanks to Chris and the staff at Q’s for their help on the day. All the ladies would like to wish every a very Merry Christmas and health and happiness for the new year in 2018.

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