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Rebel Snooker Three Cork Players head to Dublin

14 year old Connor Kennedy from Youghal CYMS who is selected for the last 8 of Ken Doherty’s Give a Kid a Break’

Cork Snooker

Derek Kiely

THIS WEEK ON Cork Snooker we look at our first feature of ‘Our Club’ where every week ‘Cork Snooker’ visits a club in the ‘Cork Billiards and Snooker Association’ (CBSA) area  and finds out a little more about what their club is all about.

This week we visit the Youghal CYMS Club in ‘Market House’ in the market square area of the town, which sits about a100 meters from the towns famous Clock Gate Tower, so the Youghal CYMS club is in the very centre of the town, next to the quayside next to the River Blackwater.

THE OLDEST Society or Club in Youghal is in fact the Youghal CYMS club which is over 150 years old and has down through the years had two homes in the town of Youghal and up until the early 1980’s the Youghal CYMS was at home on the ground floor of the towns, Town Hall until it moved to its current premises.

Today the club boasts a four table arena which is one of the finest snooker rooms in the land, with an atmosphere which is incredible, in the words of the ‘Whirlwind’ Jimmy White on a visit to the club said “This is a real snooker club”.

Everyone in the game that has ever visited the Youghal CYMS rooms has had the same reaction, the place reeks of tradition, history and snooker and in some cases that might give the impression of a venue that is old and unused, but the Youghal CYMS is the complete opposite, luxurious in its ambience and surroundings and continues to be a place where you are always afforded the warmest of welcomes in a venue with excellent tables and reminders on all the walls that there is something very special about this place.

Because Youghal CYMS IS A ‘not for Profit’ organisation they are always keen to keep the table time as affordable as possible and it only costs €1 for 20 minutes on their tables and a very inexpensive €8 per hour for visitors.

Visitors of few and far between, but always welcome, but Youghal CYMS is a solid members club with very small annual membership charges eg, A full adult annual membership is just €30 per year, junior Membership is only €5 and there are low fees for third level students too.

Youghal CYMS relies on the support of the community, Fás and the Youghal Town Council, for which they are extremely grateful. Other that their annual flag day Youghal CYMS really is a self-funding organisation, where there are voulanteers and members who give whatever they can to help maintain the very highest standards set by previous people and families down through the years.

Speaking to Cork Snooker the president of Youghal CYMS Brendan Cooney said “We have a fantastic amount of underage Internationals at the club and we have has success on the tables over the years, but what makes me proud more than anything else is when we contribute to the Youghal community and are very much part of our community, that is the most important achievement of all”.

There have been no less than five ‘World Snooker Champions’ that have played exhibition matches in the rooms of Youghal CYMS. Steve Davis, Ken Doherty, Stephen Hendry and John Higgins have all soaked up the wonderful atmosphere and Higgins the most recent visitor knocked in a maximum 147 break on his first ever game on a Youghal CYMS snooker table.

The club now looks to new levels this coming October when it hosts an International event. Playing will be the Republic of Ireland side, France and either Germany or Northern Ireland and the event is sanctioned by the IBSF, the EBSA and RIBSA. This will be another chapter in the history of the glorious Youghal CYMS which just goes from strength to strength.

Next week on ‘Our Club’ we catch up with the Busteed brothers Karl and Martin at Douglas snooker club.

Ken Doherty’s ‘Give a Kid a Break’ new programme with Setanta Sports had been travelling around Ireland recently is search of four young snooker stars to play at the World famous ‘Crucible Theatre’ in Sheffield as well as get some of the top coaching and techniques and a recent trip to Cork to Douglas snooker club saw 50 plus players turn up to get into the final eight from the South of Ireland.

There were further auditions in Dublin for the North of the country and Northern Ireland and eight players picked there too. Eventually both zones were whittled down to just four players in each section and three Cork players, Aaron Tobin and Connor Kennedy from Youghal CYMS AND Sean Burns from the Crucible are selected to travel to Dublin this week to try and make it through to the last four players overall.

In the end it will come down to just one player who will get the full treatment, coaching, matches, mentoring and the ‘Full Nine Yards’ to give that player a break into possible the top flight of snooker.

Best of luck to the three Cork players this week!


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