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Dublin win Inter County Challenge


On Saturday the 6th of August the Senior Inter County challenge took place in the Ivy Rooms Carlow. The teams contesting the title were Dublin Snooker Federation team A Made up of Ronan Deegan, Dave Seales and Kevin Lyons took on the Carlow B team of Julian Strain, Kenny Hurley and Keith Ramsbottom the order of play was each player would play one another 2 frames and the team with the most frames won would go through to the next round.
The first session saw Dublin A go into a 5-1 lead and after the second session Dublin A were 9 -3 ahead with only one frame in their third and final session to get to win. This meant it was a difficult task for the Carlow B team. However Dublin made it through to the final with a good 15-3 win but not
without its shock of the day with Keith Ramsbottom having a good 2 nil win over Ronan Deegan the current number 1 on the Federation ranking and even though the score line is big there were some very close matches in their session. The other two teams made up of Dublin Federation B and the Carlow A teams had a much closer game. 
Dublin Federation B made up of Stephen McSherry, Alan Cusack and Stephen McAdam levelled at 3-3 after their first session against Carlow A made up of Karl Fitzpatrick, Dylan Scully and Karl Young. Session two saw the Dublin B team go into a 7-5 lead with Karl Fitzpatrick taking the next 2 frames in the third session to draw at 7-7 but Alan and Stephen McSherry of the Dublin B had good wins over Dylan and Karl Young to give them a place in the final winning 11-7.
The first session went to Dublin A leading 5-1 and they continued their good form leading 9-3 after the second. The third session saw both teams level but it was too late for the Dublin B team as they were beaten 12-6 overall by the inform Dublin A team.
Congrats to the Dublin A team on their win and thanks to all the senior teams for taking part and adding to the very successful day of competition in the Ivy rooms.
High Breaks
Karl Fitzpatrick 56,51,34
Stephen McAdam 45,30
Ronan Deegan 40,31,30
Dylan Scully 38
Alan Cusack 35
Stephen McSherry 32

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