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EBSA Men’s, U-21 and U-18 Championships – Israel

The EBSA this week confirmed details of the EBSA Men’s, U-21 and U-18 Snooker Championships in Israel from the 17th February to the 2nd of March. Full details below.


17th February to 2nd March 2019 EILAT / ISRAEL

Dear Members, On behalf of the EBSA Board of Directors and the Israel Snooker, Pool & Carom Association (ISPA), I have pleasure in inviting you to send players to take part in: The 2019 European Individual Snooker U18, U21 & Men Championships

PLAYERS: You’ll find on the website Entry and Travel-Accommodation forms that will be available for completion from 1st December 2018, to be filled as instructed for a maximum entry of: – Four (4) players for the Under 18’s Championships (players must be under 18 on 31st December 2018). – Four (4) players to Under 21’s Championship (players must be under 21 on 31st December 2018). – Five (5) Men players to Men’s Championships (players must be aged 13 on the 23rd February 2019).

Please use the username and password that you’ve received to fill in the forms ‘Online’. All participants, including referees and supporters must be on the travel and accommodation form. CLOSING DATE FOR PLAYERS ENTRIES : Friday 25th January 2019 REFEREES: A maximum of 26 international referees will be invited by the ISPA.

Referees accommodation will be available starting from the 16th of February 2019. Any referees wishing to have single occupancy will be required to pay the full cost of a single room for the duration of their stay. Accommodation will be provided on a Bed & Breakfast basis, with 2 referees sharing a room. One additional meal per day will be provided. Referees travelling to Eilat will receive from the EBSA an allowance of €300 to help them with their travel costs. Referees must be members of the EBSA and will be confirmed by the EBSA Referees Committee.

Please remember to enter referees information to the online Travel and Accommodation Form. Closing date for Referee nominations is Friday 21st December 2018 HOTEL: The hotel policy is that upon arrival, all guests are expected to pay the full balance for the room booking for the total number of nights/duration that have been booked.

This can be paid by credit card or cash. Whilst it may be possible to extend room bookings, it will be solely dependent on the hotel having room availability. Neither the hotel, EBSA or ISPA can take any responsibility if rooms are not available to be extended for the remainder of the stay. All bookings including referees must be confirmed on the EBSA travel and Accommodation Form.



AIRPORT SECURITY: As you know, the security at the Israeli airports is always strict. In order to help everyone travelling to the Championships to process through the airport as quickly as possible, it is critically important that everyone traveling is included on the attached Israeli Security Authorization (excel form). This form will be shared with the Immigration Security to confirm that people have already been checked by the system. It is also important that everyone is given a copy of the document as when arriving at the Airport, the document should be shown to the first security person who approaches you (already in the line for the security check of EL-AL or another company traveling to Israel). You should say that you are a “SECURITY CENTER PASSENGER”.

They will then be able to check the system and see your name in their system and will help you get through fast and easy (you may still be asked further questions by the Security Authority!). You can use your cell phone to show this Israeli security authorization. The same procedure with the Israel Security authorization applies to your flight from Eilat, Ovda or Tel-Aviv to your home. Please remember to take your luggage at Tel Aviv airport – between the international and the domestic flights (there is no direct transfer). A representative from the Host Association will be waiting for all arrivals at Eilat Airport. Should there be any problems with travel, please call Hadar Ben-Dror at any time 24\7: +972-54-4230300. PASSPORTS: Please ensure that there is at least six months remaining on the passport, before it expires. Any passport that is within six months of expiry may mean that travel will not be permitted by the airline.

COACHING: A cue Zone will be available at the U Magic Palace Hotel for coaching players and new EBSA Coaches. Please find attached letter from the EBSA coaching committee with more details.

REFEREE SUPPLIES: Any referees or members wishing to buy white gloves, rule books, EBSA ties, ball markers, etc., are requested to place an order for any items by Friday 25th January 2019. Items can then be paid for and collected during the Championships. Any order(s) should be sent to me in the first instance.

Very Important: According to the new EBSA/WPBSA agreement, the U21 and Men Champions will be nominated for the 2019/2021 Main Professional Tour and in addition, other top players will be selected to enter the qualifiers of the 2019 World Professional Snooker championship (Sheffield)

Calendar of events

  • Sunday 17th February: Welcome ceremony (U18’s) – U Magic Palace Hotel 09:00
  • Sunday 17th February: Start of the U18 Matches 10:00
  • Tuesday 19th February: Welcome ceremony (U21’s) – U Magic Palace Hotel 09:00
  • Tuesday 19th February: Start of the U21 Matches 10:00
  • Friday 22nd February: Start of the ‘Peace & Sport Snooker Open’ **
  • 10:00 – Friday 22nd February: Semi-finals & Final of the U21 Championship
  • Friday 22nd February: Players & Referees meeting (Men’s championship) 18:00
  • Saturday 23rd February: Start of the Men Matches 10:00
  • Saturday 23rd February: Official Opening Ceremony – U Magic Palace Hotel 20:00
  • Saturday 2nd March: Final & Closing Ceremony U Magic Palace Hotel

** This is IPSA invitation event to promote snooker within Israel and neighbouring countries. EBSA plan to invite four EBSA players to compete. Further details will be provided at the start of the Championships.

Entry Fee Please note an entry fee of € 60 (Sixty euro) per player will be payable to the EBSA, to be paid before the start of the U21 & Men events and € 40 (Forty euro) for the U18 event. No player will be allowed to take part if payment is not made

ACCOMMODATION & VENUE 16 STAR Steel-Block competition tables will be housed in the: U MAGIC PALACE HOTEL / EILAT North Beach – Eilat – Israel – Tel : +972 8636 9999

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