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Kilkennys Larry Drennan in action in Carlow

The second day of play in Carlow has seen the first real upset here at the Ivy Rooms when Nay Thway Oo from Myanmar defeated Geet Sethi (India) by three games to one.

Unexpectedly, Geet missed run-through cannon on 131, which was enough for Nay Thway Oo to finish the game scoring 7 balance points. 
Then Nay Thway Oo smashed 150 (unfinished) break to take a lead 2-0 over Geet. However, the third game Geet managed to win with the aid of two breaks of 87 and 50, but a 100 points break by Nay Thway Oo in the fourth game was enough to beat Geet Sethi 3-1. He now has a chance to top the group if he wins his remaining two matches of Group Stage.

The tournament is played here in Carlow until Thursday the 1st of September and the championship has two diciplines, the game format which is first to 150 points which is being played this week in a best of five games format in the group stages. Later this week and running through to next Thursday will be the timed format.

There are 13 Republic of Ireland Internationals here in Carlow over the course of the ten days.

John Doheny (Laois) Aidan Murray (Carlow) Eugene Hughes (Carlow) Timmy Murphy (Cork) Larry Drennan (Kilkenny) Father and son Phil and Darragh Martin (Kildare) brothers Ross and Wayne Doyle (Dublin) Robert McCrumm (Dublin) Victor O’Gorman (Dublin) Shane Menton and Ed Kearney (Offaly)

Hopes of the Irish would rest heavily on the shoulders of former professional snooker and billiards player Eugene Hughes who is originally from Dublin, but now is based in Carlow.

Hughes certainly has the ability, but the standards here in Carlow are sky high.

Brian Harvey of England also defeated Norman Whaley in straight sets of game 3-0. Though there were no big breaks and both the players run parallel scoring on alternate visits, it was Brian in the end who managed to win all three games. 

Defending champion and currently World ranked number one Mike Russell of England, has all four of his games so far in his defence of his title, winning three games to nil, but in his fourth match he lost one game to Surya Suwannasinh.

Russell missed on a score of 102, which allowed Surya to grab the opportunity and win the game. Surja also got some scoring shots in next three games, but Mike capitalized by winning these games and the match. 

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