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Premier Qualifying Event – 22nd Sept

RIBSA announced last month a change of format for the Senior Ranking Events for the 2013-2014 Season to a Premier Tour with 40 players in one day events played on Sundays.

The top 32 players on last year’s RIBSA final rankings have now been invited directly into the new premier tour and RIBSA will now be holding a separate qualifying event on the 22nd of September to qualify the remaining players to fill the 40 spots on the new Premier Tour.

Any player outside the Top 32 last Season who wishes to qualify should text the RIBSA Text Number on 085 242 8701 with his name as soon as possible.

Full Premier Tour Details

RIBSA would like to inform all players who have qualified to play in the New Premier Snooker Tour that they should contact Ger Murray on 086 245 0509 to discuss their first payment of €138.00 by the 25th of August or their place will be gone.

RIBSA would like to announce a change of format for the Senior Ranking Events for the 2013-2014 Season. RIBSA are setting up a Premier Tour with 40 or 32 players in one day events played on Sundays.

There will be six Premier Tour Ranking events played during the season plus the National Championship. The National Championship will be open to all RIBSA members. These events will qualify players for Senior International Events.

Who is in the Premier Tour ?

The top 32 players on last year’s RIBSA final rankings will be invited onto the new premier tour.

The closing Date for the top 32 players to enter the Premier Tour is the 25th of August. After this date the top 32 players will automatically lose their place on the new tour.

Please Note : Last season’s top 16 players will be excluded from entering any Intermediate events in 2013-2014. If any player ranked from 17 – 32 wishes to appeal his Intermediate status they can contact RIBSA by email

The Entry Fee

The Entry fee for all Premier events will be €40.00 plus €6 registration. The full €40.00 will go into directly into the prize fund for each event.

The yearly membership will still stand at €10.00 for all players over 16. Free membership for all Under 16.

Players will have to enter three events in advance i.e. €138.00. This fee must be paid to Treasurer before the 25th of August for the three events before Christmas and the 15th of December for the three events after Christmas. If any player does not turn up to the event his entry fee will still be included in the Prize fund.

Qualifying events

There will be also a qualifying event held on the 22nd of September for all players who were not in the top 32 last season who wish to play in the Premier Tour for the remaining places on the 2013-2014 Premier Tour.

If less than 24 out of the top 32 players on last season rankings confirm they will play. The Premier Tour events will be cut down to 32 players and the Qualifying event will qualify the numbers to reach the 32 man field.

On the 28th / 29th December there will be another qualifying event to replace players who withdraw from the Premier tour.

All events will be played in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. We will have one referees plus a tournament director to referee the semi final and final stages.

RIBSA will announce later details of Open Senior events which will be played on the Saturday’s to involve all players in non ranking events throughout the season.


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