2019 European 6red, Masters and Ladies & Team Championships – Serbia

Dear Members, On behalf of the European Billiards & Snooker Association (EBSA) Board of Directors and the Snooker Federation of Serbia (SFS) from the 29th May till the 9th of June 2019.

I have pleasure in inviting you to send players to take part in:

  • The 2019 European 6Reds Snooker Championships
  • The 2019 International Snooker Open
  • The 2019 European Individual Masters and Ladies Snooker Championships
  • The 2019 European Teams (Ladies, Masters & Men) Snooker Championships

PLAYERS: You’ll find on the www.ebsa.tv website Entry and Travel & Accommodation forms that will be available for completion from 31st March 2019, to be filled as instructed for a maximum entry of:

  • 6Reds: 5 players per country, plus reserve(s) to give a maximum of 128 players.
  • International Open: 5 players per country, plus reserve(s) to give a maximum 160 players.
  • Team championships: (2 Players/Team): Maximum 2 Men teams, 2 Ladies teams, 2 Masters teams.
  • Individual Masters: Maximum of 4 players/country (must be 40 and over on first day of competition).
  • Individual Ladies: 4 players per country.

Closing date for Players Entries: Sunday 19th May 2019


REFEREES: A maximum of 30 international referees will be invited by the SFS. Referees accommodation will be available starting from the 28th May 2019. Any referees wishing to have single occupancy will be required to pay the full cost of a single room for the duration of their stay. Accommodation will be provided on a Bed & Breakfast basis, with 2 referees sharing a room.

One additional meal per day will be provided. Referees travelling to Belgrade will receive from the EBSA an allowance of €300 to help them with their travel costs. Referees must be members of the EBSA and will be confirmed by the EBSA Referees Committee.

Please remember to enter referees information to the online Travel and Accommodation Form. Closing date for Referee nominations is Friday 19th April 2019

The hotel policy is that upon arrival, all guests are expected to pay the full balance for the room booking for the total number of nights/duration that have been booked. This can be paid by credit card or cash. Whilst it may be possible to extend room bookings, it will be solely dependent on the hotel having room availability.

Neither the hotel, EBSA or SFS can take any responsibility if rooms are not available to be extended for the remainder of the stay. All bookings including referees must be confirmed on the EBSA travel and Accommodation Form.

CLOSING DATE: EBSA TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION FORM: WEDNESDAY 22nd MAY 2019 PASSPORTS: Please ensure that there is at least six months remaining on the passport, before it expires. Any passport that is within six months of expiry may mean that travel will not be permitted by the airline.

COACHING: A cue Zone will be available at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The EBSA will hold two coaching courses during the Championships in Serbia – The first coaching course will be from 29th May – 31st May and the second course will be from the 31st May – 2nd June. Please find below a link to the letter from the EBSA coaching committee with more details: http://www.ebsa.tv/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/EBSA-Course-Guidlines-2019.pdf

REFEREE SUPPLIES: Any referees or members wishing to buy white gloves, rule books, EBSA ties, ball markers, etc., are requested to place an order for any items by Friday 17th May 2019. Items can then be paid for and collected during the Championships. Any order(s) should be sent to me in the first instance.

The Snooker Federation of Serbia (SFS), has asked me to assure you, that they will do everything to make your visit one to remember.

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