Saturday, September 19

Power wins Masters Ranking Event 2

Nigel Power from Celbridge SC won the second RIBSA Masters Ranking event of the season in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow on Sunday the 20th of October. There was 38 entries today making the Masters series this year one of the most exciting events on the RIBSA Calendar.

The final was between Tom Gleeson and Nigel Power and it promises to be another late night in Carlow to find the winner and the match went to the final black after midnight before Power potted it to win his second ranking title in a row with a 3 frames to 2 victory.

Full results can be found here by clicking

Last 16
Nigel Power 3 v 2 Alan Cusack
Adrian Morrissey 3 v 1 Alen Matic
Paul Griffin 3 v 1 Jim Carrick
J H Griffith 3 v 2 Patsy Farrell
Tom Gleeson 3 v 0 Dessie Sheehan
Brendan Thomas 3 v 1 Tom O’Driscoll
Tony Seymour 2 v 3 Kevin McMahon
Ger Delaney 3 v 2 Brendan Cooney

Nigel Power 3 v 2 Adrian Morrissey
Paul Griffin 1 v 3 John-Henry Griffith
Tom Gleeson 3 v 0 Brendan Thomas
Kevin McMahon 2 v 3 Ger Delaney

Nigel Power 3 v 1 John Henry Griffith
Tom Gleeson 3 v 1 Ger Delaney

Nigel Power 3 v 2 Tom Gleeson   ** l

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