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Doyle Wins Billiards Event 1

The first RIBSA billiards ranking event of the season took place on Sunday 8th September in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. The format was 3×150 open draw with a new experimental baulk line rule in operation.

The day’s play finished with reinging national senior 150up champion Wayne Doyle take the first ranking event of the season who stronger and stronger through the rounds gradually finding confidence that was ever familiar in his successes in recent years.

First round eliminations were Tommy Denieffe, Jason Dowling, Brendan Devlin and Ross Doyle. National senior long-up champion Aidan Murray was beaten by Wayne in the quater finals but had the consolation of winning the plate against outgoing tournament director Brendan Devlin.

The pairing for the final saw Wayne come up against first-time senior ranking finalist Aonghus McAnally who was in terrific form and made full use of the open draw system without dropping a frame to beat Tommy Denieffe, Robert McCrum and Lloyd Myers with breaks of 54 and 58 enroute to the decider. Wayne who saw off Aidan Murray 2-0 in the last 8 overcame a tougher assignment against Larry Drennan who played steady billiards against Jason Dowling and new tournament director John Kehoe, but found Wayne was starting to hit form at the right time to book a final berth against new  opposition in Aonghus.

In the first frame, Aonghus got off to a great start with another break that ended with 51 but Wayne however gradually clawed his way back and took control that included a 69 break to take the first frame and he duly wrapped up the final with breaks of 54 and  clinched the highest break of the day with 75 to take the first ranking event with 75 to take the first ranking event of the season sending a clear message that he will not be resting on his laurels any time soon and to continue to dominate the rankings and retain his national 150up title as well as win back the long-up title he lost to Aidan Murray at finals weekend back in May.

Aonghus on his part played tremendous and scored heavily on his to a first senior billiards ranking final appearance despite losing to Wayne but a worthy achievement nonetheless. Thanks as always to Marian Leacy and Ivy Rooms for hosting the event and making us feel welcome as always and to John Kehoe on his debut running the event as Tournament Director.  The next billiards ranking event of the season will take place again in Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow on sunday 13th October. For more information contact John Kehoe on 087 7773649.

Pre Quaters:

Jason Dowling  98, 150, 86  –  150, 112, 150  Larry Drennan

Aonghus McAnally  150, 150  –  Gavin Farrell  106, 99

Tommy Denieffe  100, 93  –  150, 150  Robert McCrum

Joe Doheny  119, 150, 150  –  150, 84, 103  Brendan Devlin

Lloyd Myers  150, 150  –  88, 71  Ross Doyle

Quater finals:

John Kehoe  26, 118  –  150, 150  Larry Drennan

Aidan Murray  149, 106  –  150, 150  Wayne Doyle

Aonghus McAnally  150, 150  –  Robert McCrum  96, 124

Joe Doheny  60, 85  –  150, 150  Lloyd Myers

Semi finals:

Larry Drennan  111, 103  –  150, 150  Wayne Doyle

Aonghus McAnally  150, 150  –  94, 84  Lloyd Myers


Wayne Doyle  150, 150  –  121, 50  Aonghus McAnally


Wayne Doyle 54, 55, 69, 75

Aidan Murray 61

Aonghus McAnally 51, 54, 58

Report by John Kehoe

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