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The second RIBSA Billiards ranking event of the season took place on Sunday 13th October at the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. The format was 400up with 90 minute time limit as Wayne Doyle from Dun Laoighaire continues his perfect start to the season winning each match by well over a 100 points.

His passage to the final was confirmed with wins against Tommy Murphy, John Kehoe and Jason Dowling who reached the semi-finals in senior level for the first time with wins over Ross Doyle and Lloyd Myers but found Wayne too hot to handle who hit a 92 break to finish the game as a contest.

As pretty much expected his opponent in the final would be reigning national long-up champion Aidan Murray who also registered comfortable wins over Aonghus McAnally, James Bateman and Joe Doheny.

In the final however Wayne scored first and at a level Aidan couldn’t match as Wayne established a cushion of a lead with breaks of 73 and 63 to leave Aidan very little time to catch Wayne despite producing a 51 break putting respectability on the scoreboard as the clock ran out with Wayne as deserving winner on a scoreline of 356-225.

Tommy Murphy won the plate competition against Robert McCrum to compensate his first round loss to eventual winner Wayne.
Thanks again to the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club for hosting the event and John Kehoe on running the tournament.

The Timmy Murphy Memorial billiards tournament will take place on Sunday 3rd November at the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. For more information contact Brendan Devlin on  0866062420.

Last 16:

Wayne Doyle 400-194 Tommy Murphy

John Kehoe 262-177 Gavin Farrell

Ross Doyle 300-378 Jason Dowling

Tommy Denieffe 221-257 Lloyd Myers

Larry Drennan 400-177 Robert McCrum

Brendan Devlin 238-338 Joe Doheny

Aidan Murray 293-179 Aonghus McAnally

Quater finals:

Wayne Doyle 400-117 John Kehoe

Jason Dowling 329-316 Lloyd Myers

Larry Drennan 294-304 Joe Doheny

James Bateman 170-312 Aidan Murray

Semi finals:

Wayne Doyle 400-218 Jason Dowling

Joe Doheny 237-339 Aidan Murray


Wayne Doyle 356-225 Aidan Murray

High Breaks:

Wayne Doyle   107, 61, 92, 73, 63

Aidan Murray   76, 61, 55, 51

Joe Doheny      58

Report by John Kehoe

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