Friday, June 5

Torpey wins Masters Ranking Event 2

The second RIBSA Masters Ranking Event was held in the Carlow in the Ivy Rooms on Sunday 27th of October. There were 26 entrants and it got off to a good start and on time at 10am.

John Torpey had an semi-final win against Mark Tuite winning 3-0, while John O’Sullivan then beat Shane Gorman 3-1. The Thorpe-O’Sullivan final went all the way with John O’Sullivan leading until 1-0 and 2-1 but Torpey kept coming back. In the deciding frame,

John Torpey got in early but lost position a few times giving O’Sullivan a couple of chances. However, Torpey kept the pressure on and, finally, got his chance to finish the game off 3-2 and become a worthy winner of the second Masters Event ” The Roadstone SC cup ” for 2019-20.

The high breaks were slow going in the morning without a single break over 50 until Adrian Morrissey broke the spell in the second round with the first half-centuary of 55. Further half centruary breaks of by Mark Tuite (54), Frank Sarsfield (55), John O’Sullivan (68) until the final gave John Torpey the opportunity to score 85 and win the High-Break also.

RIBSA would like to thank the Ivy Rooms SC for hosting the event and to Tournament Director and Referee Paddy Hanafin for running a successful event.

Report by Paddy Hanafin

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