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Newly Qualified RIBSA Coaches

RIBSA held a coach education Intro level Coaching Ireland training course in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club on Sunday the 5th of September.

All new coaches will now be recognised within Coaching Ireland as Intro level RIBSA snooker coaches who can coach the basic skills in their clubs.

Coaching Ireland based out of Limerick University govern all coaching in Irish sport through the Irish Sports Council. Each NGB must get their coaching syllabus approved before they are allowed to hold coaching seminars.

Coaches from Edenderry, Dungarvan, Donegal, Drogheda and Celbridge attended this one day training seminar held by PJ Nolan our National Snooker coach who is a qualified coaching tutor within Coaching Ireland.

PJ was very impressed with all the new coaches commitment during the seminar and they now have the information to coach players using approved coaching material.

RIBSA have now 51 coaches who have completed the one day seminar and a full list is available on the web site by clicking on coaching in the top menu or click here ( The New Coaches will be added this week )

The new qualified coaches are :

  1. Paddy English from Edenderry SC
  2. Philip Washington from Potters SC Drogheda
  3. Darren Ryan from Celbridge SC
  4. Cathal McGrenaghan from Culdaff Donegal
  5. Daren Mirza from Dungarvan


As soon as RIBSA have six more application forms they can apply to Coaching Ireland for another course approval date.RIBSA will then contact all the coaches with a date and venue for the next seminar.

If you would like to attend the next seminar in October/ December please email pjcoach147@hotmail.comto receive an application form.


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