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Intermediate & Challenge Grand Finals Draws

The Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association will hold the Intermediate and Challenge Grand Finals in Newbridge CYMS on Saturday the 7th of March.

It promises to be an exciting climax to the ranking series after the four ranking events all around Ireland this year. The end of year National Intermediate Championship will be held on the 18th of April and the National Challenge Championship will be held on the 3rd of May.


1. George O Hara plays winner below at 12noon

8. Shane Bates v 9. Mark Walsh @ 10.30am

5. Liam Brady v 4. Benny O Brien Play at 12noon

3. Adrian Morrissey V 6. Dane Daly Play at 12noon

7. Joe Purcell v 2. John Torpey Play at 12noon



1. Alex Currid plays winner below at 1pm

8. Dane O Donoghue v 9. Liam Brady @ 10.30am

5. Adrian Morrissey v 12. James Higgins @ 10.30am

4. Adrian Doran plays winner above at 1pm

3. Dane Daly plays winner below at 1pm

6. Jason Keogh v 11. James O Connell @ 10.30am

7. Ivor Fitzpatrick v 10. Paddy Brady @ 10.30am

2. Ollie Martyn plays winner above at 1pm

Only the semi-finalists in each event qualified for the Grand Finals so it will be the best vs the best looking for the titles.

Intermediate Qualifiers

  • John Torpey, George O Hara, Dane Daly, Adrian Morrissey, Benny O Brien, Joe Purcell, Shane Bates, Mark Walsh and Liam Brady.


George O Hara retired unwell-2 V Mark Walsh

Liam Brady 1-3 Benny O Brien 

Adrian Morrissey 3-1 Dane Daly

Joe Purcell 0-3 John Torpey


  • Mark Walsh 3-1 Benny O’Brien
  • Adrian Morrissey 3-0 John Torpey


Mark walsh 3-1 Adrian Morrissey

Challenge Qualifiers

  • Liam Brady, Ivor Fitzpatrick, Alex Currid, Dane Daly, Dane O Donoghue, Jason Keogh, James O Connell, Adrian Morrissey, James Higgins, Adrian Doran, Ollie Martyn and Paddy Brady.


  • Alex Currid 0 v 2 Liam Brady
  • Adrian Morrissey  v  Adrian Doran N/S
  • Dane Daly 2-1 v Jason Keogh 
  • Ivor Fitzpatrick  2 Paddy Brady 1
  • ivor Fitzpatrick 2-0 Ollie Martyn


  • Liam Brady 2-3 Adrian Morrissey
  • Dane Daly 3-1 Ivor Fitzpatrick


Adrian Morrissey 2-3 Dane Daly

The draws with match times be done later today and published on this web site post. The TD will be Tony Thorpe for both events.

RIBSA would like to thank Newbridge CYMS for hosting the events and we wish all the players good luck in both exciting events with the best Intermediate and Challenge Tour players playing against each other for the titles.

The Intermediate and Challenge events have been another big success in 2019 / 2020 and RIBSA hope to build on this for next season.

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