RIBSA Training Camp Day 3

Wednesday the 19th of February in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club the third day of a four day RIBSA Training Camp was held in preparation for our players for the 2014 EBSA Team and Under 21 Championship Snooker Championships which is being held from the 18th to the 29th of March in Romania.

 Today the players were put through their paces with our National Coach PJ Nolan working on their techniques on the Shender Match Tables from 11am – 4pm and featured Mark Tuite, Stephen Bateman, Alen Matic and Tony Seymour practicing PJ’s various academy routines to improve the players cue ball control, long potting and match play.

Each player received a DVD of his action during the lesson and sports psychology audio to help with their mind fitness.  


Senior Players : Robert Murphy, Michael Judge, Jason Devaney and Rodney Goggins

Masters Players : Mark Tuite, Anthony Bonnar, Tony Seymour, Tom O Driscoll, Stephen Walsh and Alen Matic

Under 21 Players : Josh Boileau, Daniel Dempsey, Ryan Cronin, David Cassidy and Stephen Bateman

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