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32 players Enter Irish Re-Open Championship

32 Players have now entered the Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association (RIBSA) Irish Re-Open Championship which will be played over two weekends on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of August and the knock out stages played on Saturday 15th of August.

RIBSA are planning this test event after the COVID-19 Crisis that put a halt to our sport last March. This event was restricted to the first 32 players who have entered online .

Full List of 32 Entries

The Entry for this event was opened on Thursday the 2nd of July and 32 members have now entered. The new RIBSA COVID-19 protocols will be in place and have to be observed at the event.

Draw and match times will produced on the ribsa website on Monday the 6th July.

Please Note

  • Only 8 players in the venue at one time plus the TD and a roaming Referee
  • Two Nominated Tables used for each group
  • Four Groups played on the Saturday and 4 groups played on the Sunday
  • No Supporters
  • Open Draw for the Groups
  • Equipment sterilised after each session

“The best way to prevent person-to-person spread of COVID-19 is to use proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette and practice physical distancing”

RIBSA last week had our “Playing Safe” Roadmap for the return to competitive snooker and billiards approved when they were reviewed by Sport Ireland and the Expert Group on the return to Sport.

In the initial month’s members will need to be aware of the limited basis in which they will have the opportunity to play.  RIBSA and the clubs will seek to ensure members understand the necessity of the restrictions, to minimise the risk of a reintroduction of the lock-down measures.

Members should be aware that these restrictions are not going to last forever, but they must live within them and be patient while they are in place.

Full Event Details

Protocols: The new RIBSA COVID-19 protocols will be in place and have to be observed at the event

Format: 8 Groups of 4 players

Groups: All Group Matches best of 3 frames:

Knock Outs: Q-Final & S-Final Best of 5

The Final:  Best of 7 frames

Draw: Open draw for the 8 groups places

The event will be restricted to the first 32 players who have entered online

Dates: Played over two weekends Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of August

Knock Outs played on Saturday 15th of August

Venue: Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow

Sessions: Two Sessions daily

Morning: 10am, 11.30am and 1pm

Afternoon: 2.30pm, 4.00pm and 5.30pm

Streaming: All matches Streamed via

Dress: Polo Shirt and Black Pants and Shoes

Qualifier: One player to qualify from each of the 8 groups for knock out stage

  1. Matches Won – 2. Head to Head to decide Qualifier

Finals:  Knock out’s played on Saturday the 15th August

Entry Fees: €31.00 for over 21yrs & €16.00 for under 21yrs

Prize Fund Guaranteed: Winner €400, Runner Up €200, Semi – Finalists €100 each, Q-finalist €50 each.

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