RIBSA Training Camp Day 1

Our National Coach PJ Nolan is currently holding a two day RIBSA training camp in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow on the 29th & 30th Of May. Day one of the camp was held today and featured 10 players who will be representing Ireland in the upcoming European Championships in Bulgaria, World IBSF Team & 6 Reds in Egypt, Celtic Challenge in Wales and Home Internationals in Leeds attended training with PJ.

Four of the players won a National Under age title last weekend and they were back for PJ to put them through their paces working on their technique and on his specific training routines during the camp. RIBSA organised this two day camp to help our Republic of Ireland players prepare for their up coming International events.

All players attended training today from 11am – 4pm were Josh Boileau and Tom O Driscoll who will be competing in Sofia next week in the European Championship. Dylan Rees and Keith Sheldrick will be playing in Egypt in the World Team & 6 Red Championships. Charlie Sweeney, Fergal Quinn, Shane Hourihane, Corey Ramsbottom, Jason O Hagan and Stephen Bateman who will play in the Celtic Challenge and Home Internationals this year.

Each player received a DVD of their action during the lesson and sports psychology audio to help with their mind fitness. If any player or club would like to like to book their own coaching session with PJ Nolan who is one of the world’s top coaches they should email pjcoach147@hotmail.com for his next available date.

The cost of holding a RIBSA session is €20.00 per hour coaching time plus €20.00 per hour travel time from Carlow plus tolls and parking. If you would like to travel to the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow you can avail of a 2hr session for €55.00 which includes Lights, DVD of the lesson and Technique profile.

Day two of the camp starts at 11am in the morning.

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