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PTC Press Release

With time ticking towards the 20th of October the Killarney Convention Centre (KCC) in Co. Kerry in the Republic of Ireland is getting ready to welcome the World’s best snooker professionals and the talented amateurs are ready and waiting to try and make a name for themselves at the Players Tour Championships (PTC8).

From Co. Down to Waterford, from Wexford to Killarney and from Cork to Derry the atmosphere on Thursday the 20th of October will be electric as around 40 places will be available to join the first round proper with the pro’s on Friday the 21st of October.

The opportunity to be part of this fantastic World Snooker event for any budding amateur is the stuff of dreams and to have the chance to mix it up with the ‘Rocket’ the ‘Wizard of Wishaw’ the ‘Nugget’ is just incredible but make no mistake when O’Sullivan, Higgins and Davis hit the green baize at the Killarney Convention Centre it will be business, the real business of professional ranking point snooker and nothing personal.

PTC 8 is not exhibition snooker and since the professional days of Goff’s in Co. Kildare there hasn’t been a tournament of this stature on the shores of Ireland and top class professional snooker has been sorely missed and what is even better than Goff’s is that the KCC is by far and away the best venue possible with a magnificent theatre transformed into a superb snooker arena for the television table and a brilliant room adjacent to the main table that will provide 10 top class ‘Star’ tables.

Tournament Promoter Connie O’Sullivan said “This has been a dream for many people involved in the game here in Ireland for many years now and it has been a particular dream of mine personally to get a ranking event here to Killarney. The Gleneagle Hotel and the KCC are very established venues for the ‘All Ireland and Munster Annual Snooker Club Team Championships’ and with over 30 years of experience of hosting various snooker events here we can use all of that experience to help World Snooker make this event a resounding success”.

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PTC 8 Draw Breakdown involving Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Amateurs

Day One Thursday the 20th of October


Ashley Wright v Alan Cleary (Cahir Co. Tipperary)

Alastair Wilson (Co. Antrim) v Daniel O’Regan (Crucible Cork)

John Torpey (Victoria Limerick) v Ricky Norris

Tom O’Driscoll (Waterford) v Patrick O’Rourke 

Donal Foran (Galway) v Ray Power (Waterford)

Philip Browne (Dublin) v Paddy Murphy (Cue Club Killarney)

Gerard McAuley (Co. Down) v Gary Crawford (Co. Down)

Daniel Kirby (Cork) v Keith Sheldrick (Dublin)

Colm Gilcreest (Navan) v David Cassidy (Crucible Cork)

Derek O’Neill (Douglas Cork) v Jonathan Neelson (Co. Antrim)

John Sutton (Co. Louth) v Phil O’Kane

Daniel Dempsey (Co.Kildare) v David Gray

Jamie Walker v Mark Tuite (Cue Club Killarney)

Josh Boileau (Naas Co. Kildare) v Patrick Wallace

Jonathan Birch v Robert Redmond (Dublin)

Clinton Franey (Wicklow) v Martin O’Donnell

Thomas Dowling (Celbridge) v Michael Mullen (Galway)

Karl Fitzpartrick (Carlow) v Jonathan Fulcher

Anthony Cronin (Limerick) v Hans Blanckaert

Declan Brennan (Co. Down) v Jonathan Friel

John Friel (Cue Club Killarney) v Ryan Cronin (Crucible Cork)

Anthony O’Connor (Cork) v Alan Taylor

Sydney Wilson v Douglas Hogan (Waterford)

Jordan Brown (Co. Antrim) v Chen Zhe

Mike Hallett v Najmur Khan

Paul Ennis (Dublin) v Paul Currie (Co. Derry)

Kieran McMahon (Co. Down) v Robbie Walker (Waterford)

Nick Jennings v Frank Sarsfield (Limerick)

Robert Murphy (Dublin) v Tony Knowles

Martin Ball v Zhang Anda

Nicky Ryan (Waterford) v Sean McMonagle (Cue Club Killarney)

JP Kelly (Waterford) v Aiden O’Sullivan (Cue Club Killarney)

David Singh v Derry O’Sullivan (Cue Club Killarney)

Ryan Causton v Karl Busteed (Douglas Cork)

Alex Davies v Matthew Day

Liam Monk v Joe Delaney (Wexford)

Greg Casy (Crucible Cork) v Jamie O’Neill

ThanawatTirapongpaiboon v Julian Lougue (QE1 Co Derry)

Philip Arnold (Lucan) v Benny O’Brien (Dublin)

Jonathan Williams (NUI Maynooth) v Mitchell Travis

Stephen Byrne (Dublin) v Alex Taubman

Chris Hannigan (Dublin v Brian Milne (Co. Derry)

Ben Harrison v Kevin O’Leary (AOH Cork)

Connell Doherty v Stephen Craigie

James Welsh v Mitchell Mann



Reanne Evans v Wright or Cleary

Ian Burns v Wilson or O’Regan

Torpey or Norris v O’Driscoll or O’Rourke

Michael Wasly v Foran or Power

Browne or Murphy v McCauley or Crawford

Gilcreest or Cassidy v Kirby or Sheldrick

O’Neill or Nelson v Sutton or O’Kane

Garreth Allen v Dempsey or Gray

Walker or Tuite v Boileau or Wallace

Eden Sharav v Birch or Redmond

Franey or O’Donnell v Dowling or Mullen

Gary Wilson v Fitzpatrick or Fulcher

Dessie Sheehan v Cronin or Blanckaert

Friel or Cronin v John Friel or Brennan

Robbie Williams v O’Connor or Taylor

Wilson or Hogan v Browne or Zhe

Les Dodd v Hallett or Khan

Oliver Browne v Ennis or Currie

McMahon or Walker v Jennings or Sarsfield

Sean O’Sullivan v Knowles or Murphy

Jack Jones v Ball or Anda

Ryan or McGonagle v Kelly or O’Sullivan

Sam Harvey v Singh or O’Sullivan

Causton or Busteed v Davies or Day

Kyren Wilson v Monk or Delaney

Chris Norbury v Casey or O’Neill

Tirapongpaiboon or Logue v Arnold or O’Brien

Ray Whelan v Williams or Travis

Byrne or Taubman v Hannigan or Milne

Craig Steadman v Harrison or O’Leary

Bash Maqsood v Doherty or Craigie

Shane Castle v Welsh or Mann

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