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Level 1 Coaching Course Success

The Inaugural Coaching Ireland & RIBSA Level 1 coaching course was held in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow on Saturday and Sunday the 1st and 2nd of October.

Jim Leacy Chairman of RIBSA opened the course by saying that it was important for RIBSA to have a strong team of coaches promoting and teaching the game and this Level 1Course is an important step in achieving this.

Jim thanked Liam Moggan and Coaching Ireland for all their help in holding this coaching course; He thanked the eight coaches for attending with a special thanks to PJ Nolan and Neil Shanahan for all their input into the course.

The coaching course was hailed a great success by Liam Moggan from Coaching Ireland.

Liam Moggan:  Said that it was great to be part of the first RIBSA level one coaching course and he thanked PJ Nolan for all his work in designing the coaching syllabus.

He was very impressed with the Ivy Rooms as a top class venue and he really hopes that the new teaching skills worked on over the weekend will help the coaches in their coaching.

Eight current RIBSA Intro level coaches Aidan Murray, Neil Shanahan, Philip Washington, Paddy English, Daren Mirza, Dan Carroll, John Dohery and Niall Scully attended the two day course.

The course was also attended by Pat Caulfield who coaches Ken Doherty. He gave the coaches information on how to get the best out of a player.

The course began at 10am on the Saturday and ran until 5pm. Sunday the course began at 10.30am due to the Rugby and finished at 5pm.

Each coach has now a coaching assignment to compete before they graduate and become the first ever Level 1 RIBSA Snooker Coaches in Ireland.

Aidan Murray – RIBSA National Billiards Coach

Course Content

The two day coaching course covered everything from the Role of Coaches, Teaching Skills, Designing training routines, Demonstrating playing techniques. Rules of the Game. Planning a session.

The course worked on the I.D.E.A.S principle of breaking down each skill to teach the student.

Introduce clearly what skill you want to teach.

Demonstrate the skill.

Explain the key points from the skill.

Attend to allow the players to practice the skill.

Summary of feedback on how the skill was done.

Dan Carroll – Stars Snooker Academy

PJ coached the coaches on how to plan a session with a sequence of training routines and how to build up a player’s confidence by working on his weak points.

PJ Nolan :  Said he was very impressed with the RIBSA coaches who attended the course and their eagerness to learn new skills from Liam Moggan.

Philip Washington – Potters SC Drogheda

Click here to view Information on all RIBSA Coaches

If you would like to become a qualified RIBSA Intro level coach simply email for an application form 

John Doherty – Northwest SC Letterkenny

Neil Shanahan – Referee Tutor Celbridge SC

Daren Mirza – Waterford SC

Niall Scully – Carlow

Paddy English – Edenderry

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