Friday, August 14

0’Driscoll Wins Masters Ranking No.4

Tom O Driscoll won the 4th RIBSA Masters event of the season today in Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow after the late finish of the semi finals the final on the day RIBSA held the final during the senior event today.

Tom O Driscoll from Waterford beat Phil Arnold from Celbridge 3 frames to 2

Tom O’Driscoll 3 v 0 James Bateman 
Dessie Sheehan 1 v 3 Jim Carrick 
Tony Seymour 3 v 1 Stephen Walsh 
Colm Gilcreest 2 v 3 Phil Arnold

Tom O’Driscoll 3 v 1 Jim Carrick 
Tony Seymour 1 v 3 Phil Arnold

Tom O’Driscoll 3 v 2 Phil Arnold



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