Wednesday, August 12

Ulster Win Inter Provincials

The team from Ulster team won the Inter Provincials ‘ Friendship Cup ‘ in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. The event featured teams from Leinster, Connacht, DBSL, Munster and Ulster and each team consisted of five players who are chosen by each region for the event. Our National coach PJ Nolan was the tournament Director on the day and the tournament will be ran on a round robin basis.

RIBSA would like to thank the Ivy Rooms SC for making the event a big success and it is hoped that this event will be held each year.

The Playing Schedule & Match Scores

10am       Connacht V Munster 213 –  Leinster V Ulster 5-10

11.30am  Lenster V Munster  8-7  Connacht V DBSL 6-9

1pm       Connacht V Ulster 1-14  Munster  V DBSL 11-4

3.30pm    DBSL V Ulster  7-8 Lenster V Connacht 8-7

5pm         Munster V Ulster 5-10 Lenster  V  DBSL 11-4

The scores will be updated after each match on site. Each winning frame is awarded one point for their team. It is the team with the most points at the end of the day will be crowned 2015 champions. If the points are tied the head to head match will determine the winner.

The Scores after the first session

Connacht 2 pts

DBSL 0 pts

Ulster 10 pts

Leinster 5 pts

Munster 13 pts

The Scores after the second session

Connacht 8pts

DBSL 9pts

Ulster 10pts

Leinster 13pts

Munster 20pts

The Scores after the third session

Connacht 9pts

DBSL 13pts

Ulster 24pts

Leinster 13pts

Munster 31pts

The Scores after the fourth session

Connacht 16pts

DBSL 20pts

Ulster 32pts

Leinster 21pts

Munster 31pts

The Scores after the fifth session

Connacht 16pts

DBSL 24pts

Ulster 42pts  – CHAMPIONS

Leinster 32pts

Munster 36pts

The Connacht Team : Aidan Devenney, Ronan Whyte, Sean Devenney, Christopher Gibbons and Ollie Martyn

The Munster Team : Brendan O Donoghue, Tom O Driscoll, Tony Seymour, Stephen Walsh and Frank Sarsfield

The DBSL Team : George o Hara, Mark Owens, Stephen Reddington, Ian Smith and Philip Browne

The Ulster Team : Raymond McAllister, Raymond Fry , Darren Dornan , Paddy McGrory and Brian Milne

The Leinster Team : Rodney Goggins, Benny O Brien, John O Sullivan, James Bateman and Stephen Bateman.

The Referees : Ger Murray, Neil Shanahan, John Doherty, Coror Doyle, Ivan Glavin, Liam Hayes, Joe McConnell, Tony Thorpe, Stephen Ryan, Simon Walsh and Liam Brady

High Break Board

115 Brendan O Donoghue

101 Tom O Driscoll

96 Rodney Goggins


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