Friday, August 7

Gorman Wins Masters No.7

Shane Gorman continued his good from playing in Malta at the European Team Championships last month when he won the Masters Ranking Event 7 in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow.

In the final he beat Adrian Morrissey from Wexford who had an outstanding event himself but Gorman won the event on a black ball decider in the 4th frame.

Big Thanks has to go to Rodney Goggins and John O’Sullivan who help out with the refereeing on the day and Keith Sheldreck had high break prize with 96.


The Masters next outing is the National Championships on 10th May. Names are already flooding in for this exciting event. Phone 059-9137714

Last 16:
Tom O’Driscoll 3 v 1 Jim Carrick 
John Farrell 2 v 3 Nigel Power 
Dessie Sheehan 1 v 3 Shane Gorman 
Alan Cusack 1 v 3 Anthony Bonnar 
Tony Seymour 1 v 3 Tom Gleeson 
Adrian Morrissey 3 v 1 Stephen Walsh 
Peter Donegan 3 v 2 Martin Kelly 
Patsy Farrell 1 v 3 Keith Sheldreck

Quarter Finals: 
Tom O’Driscoll 3 v 2 Nigel Power 
Shane Gorman 3 v 2 Anthony Bonnar 
Tom Gleeson 0 v 3 Adrian Morrissey 
Peter Donegan 1 v 3 Keith Sheldreck

Tom O’Driscoll 0 v 3 Shane Gorman 
Adrian Morrissey 3 v 2 Keith Sheldreck

Shane Gorman 3 v 1 Adrian Morrissey

High Break :
Keith Sheldreck 96

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