Masters National Championship 2015

The Masters National championship was played at the Ivy Rooms Carlow on Sunday 10th May with a magnificant entry of 39. The second round saw the defeat of four of the top seeds. The No. 1 Tom O’Driscoll at the hands of Paul Arnold, the No. 3 Anthony Bonnar was defeated by Nigel Power, the No. 5 Peter Donegan by Eugene Hughes and the No. 6 Dessie sheehan by John McBride,

The first century of the tournament came from Colm Gilcreest with a 102 in his first round match against Alan Cusack.

The next round saw the saw the demise of the rest of the top seed. The inform John Farrell beat Alen Matic{8} 4-2.. First timer, Garry Hardiman, beat last month’s winner, Shane Gorman, 4-3. St. John’s Kevin McMahon beat Stephen Walsh{7} 4-2 and the No.2, Keith Sheldreck fell at the hands of another St. John’s player, Frank Sarsfield.


Brendan Thomas 1 v 4 John Farrell

Eugene Hughes 0 v 4 Nigel Power

Garry Hardiman 2 v 4 Colm Gilcreest

Kevin McMahon 0 v 4 Frank Sarsfield 

Colm knocked in another century with a 106 against Garry

The stage is now set for the semi-finals to be played on Sunday 24th May during the National Final Weekend


John Farrell v Nigel Power

Colm Gilcreest v Frank Sarsfield

The Ivy Rooms would like to wish all four the very best of luck and say thanks to all the Masters for a fantastic season and hope to see you all, and more, next season. 

Marian Leacy

Tournament Director



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