Monday, July 13

Thank You from Rodney – 24hrs Marathon

Rodney Goggins would like to thank everybody involved in the 24 hour snooker marathon in aid of the Collective Sensory Group.  A brilliant effort from everyone involved.  Thank you so much, bear in mind this will read almost like an album sleeve.  Thanks very much to the girls of Collective Sensory Group, made my life so easy, they provided everything with posters, cards, buckets, even the t shirt and volunteer’s to do bucket run’s.  I won’t haunt you no more with phone calls and text messages, I promise.

Thanks to the 147 Club, without their permission, we don’t get to do these things.  Thanks very much to Mary and Abban Reddy.  I have their hearts broken. JTheir hospitality and welcome holds no bounds.  Total professionals.  Thanks also to Darren Flynn, who looked after us as well. 

Thanks to all the local players (legends) who participated, Shane Bates, young Alex, Stephen Nolan, Mark Kavanagh, Mick Lacey, Weesie Siggins, Gavin Goggins, PJ Scallan, Darren Flynn, Chris Mahoney, Adam Doyle, James Whelan, John Keogh, Steven O’Reilly and Tommy Murphy. A special thanks to the people (diamonds) who travelled down and supported us, Breda Doherty (Tipperary), Fergal O’Brien (Lucan), Tom O’Driscoll (Waterford), Stephen Walsh (Carrig-On-Suir), Jason “Turkey” Burns (Nenagh), Tom Ford (Nenagh) and Brendan O’Donoghue (Nenagh).  My 24 hours were made a lot easier with all of you playing, chatting to me and having the craic. Thanks also to the people who popped in, donated and said hello throughout the 24 hours. 

Special thanks to Tomas Hynes, who brought down the breakfast for me and got the dinner also.  Thanks v much to my mam and Peggy Cullen for making the sandwiches. Thanks to Chris Mahoney who brought down a delicious cake.

Thanks very much to everyone who sold sponsorship cards for us, 147 Club, Bugler Doyle’s, Shane Bates, Frank Sinnott, Richie Lawlor, Eoin Brennan, Marion Leacy in the Ivy Rooms, to the girls of Collective Sensory Group, James in Celbridge collecting tea and coffee money for us.

Thank you to all the snooker lads in ribsa events who brought lines off me, generous and hearts of gold as always. Thanks very much to the Equifax lads who brought lines and gave us all best wishes for the event. 

Thanks to John Benton/Darren Lennox of the Billiard Company who donated us a cue and case to raise money.  Thanks very much to Siobhan, Shona, Lorraine and Betty who went around with buckets on Friday night to Bugler Doyles, The Foggy Dew, Kelly’s of King Street and the Sky and the Ground.  Special thanks to Bugler Doyles, who always look after us on these events. I’m sure I forgot someone, I apologize sincerely.  Thanks to everyone who supported this great charity.  I wish Collective Support Group all the best for the future.

At the moment, with a few sponsorship cards and a bucket to collect, we have raised over 1500 euro.  Hopefully in a few days we have the overall tally and we will report back to you.


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