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Rebel Snooker

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RIBSA International Greg Casey with his sponsor Thomás Singleton

Rebel Snooker

Derek Kiely


GREG Casey along with fellow Crucible team mate David Cassidy will travel to Egypt in six days’ time to represent the ‘Republic of Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association ‘ (RIBSA) at the ‘International Billiards and Snooker Federation’ (IBSF) World amateur snooker championships.

Casey a veteran of over 40 International snooker campaigns at the amazing young age of just 25 years is a player that has really put the International amateur game on the map for Cork snooker players.

Last season Casey was within one match of making it through to the professional scene at ‘Cue School’ in Burton On-Trent in the UK and Casey also competed abroad at the European snooker championships and is a vital part of the Cork snooker set up as captain of the Crucible snooker club, who are laden down with success in dominating the club game on Leeside.

What people may find remarkable is that every time a Cork cue-man or cue-lady travels to represent their country they pay for everything out of their own pocket, flights, accommodation, food and during these two week events spending money too.

None of this is the fault of RIBSA who are massively underfunded and to their credit do a brilliant job, especially in Carlow as well as all over the country.

So when a player gets a sponsor on board, that really is fantastic and for Greg Casey, the support from Thomás Singleton at Singletons’ Supervalu in Hollyhill is a life line for the Crucible player to give him the opportunity to continue in search of his dream to play professional snooker and continue to represent the Republic of Ireland as much as he can.

Singletons have been massive sponsors of local sporting organisations such as Na Piarsaigh Hurling Club, St Vincent’s, Brunel Basketball, St Ann’s Pitch and Putt, Neptune Basketball and many other individual causes.

Thomás Singleton original from Cathedral Road as is Greg Casey told Rebel Snooker “Greg is a local lad, and at Singletons we are always looking to support local people and it is one of our main objectives is to give locally. We will back Greg again this year and hope that he can be successful in the game of snooker, he really deserves it because he works so hard at his game and if we can be a small part of that I will be delighted. Greg appreciates our support and he is a lovely fella and we wish him all the best”.

Casey currently ranked at number 4 in the national RIBSA rankings has had a long and successful run in International amateur snooker is as hungry as ever, he said “I want to thank the Singleton family for their support, they have been very good to me and if it wasn’t for the support of Singletons I simply wouldn’t be able to afford to travel and compete in these events, it makes all the difference and I can’t say thanks enough times”.

So spare a thought for those who put the ‘Green International Waistcoat’ as they depend on the support of others when they want to play their heart out for their country.

The RIBSA players and officials who will travel to Egypt to represent the Republic Of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association for the 2015 World Men, Women and Masters IBSF Snooker Championships in Egypt from 9th to 21st of November.

A RIBSA Training Camp was held last Sunday the 25th of October in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow from 11am – 4pm to help the players prepare for the Championship with the RIBSA National Coach PJ Nolan.

PJ (Nolan) worked on their techniques and he gave the players training routines to prepare properly for the upcoming Championship. Each player received a DVD of his action during the lesson and sports psychology audio to help with their mind fitness.


Republic of Ireland Senior Players

1. Rodney Goggins (Wexford)

2. Brendan O Donoghue (Tipperary)

3. Greg Casey (Cork)

4. David Cassidy (Cork)

The Masters Players

1. Tom O Driscoll (Waterford)

2. Anthony Bonnar (Donegal)

3. Colm Gilcrest (Leinster)

4. Alen Matic (Leinster)


The team Coach for the Championship is PJ Nolan. The RIBSA Delegate will be Chairman Jim Leacy.


THERE was a very important meeting last Tuesday night at the AOH club on Morrison’s Island by many players and club owners involved in snooker from Cork County and in the City.

The concern going forward by the ‘Cork Billiards and Snooker Association’ (CBSA) was in relation to no chairman serving at present and the withdrawal of teams from the CBSA first division.

It was decided that for the remainder of the 2015/16 season there would be an administrator rather that a chairman to oversee events in Cork snooker. The roll was filled by CBSA committee member Brian Quilligan and he would advise when necessary.

In a way the new structure in place for the remainder of the season is more progressive in many ways and it puts the onus on the hosting club to take responsibility for the events as they happen at their venue.

The one very disappointing aspect of the current situation is the withdrawal of the ‘Shooters Snooker Club’ ‘A’ team from division one of Cork snooker, which decimates the top flight down to just four teams and means that each club will only play three matches at home and three matches away and some teams will go for many week’s without any competitive snooker at all, which is just not good enough.

There were originally six clubs in the top flight prior to the start of the season, which to be honest was never enough, but a suggestion that a handicap system be put in place for a larger top division seems to make perfect sense for next season.

Have no doubt, Cork is the only County in Ireland with a successful snooker league with three divisions, but it can be a big ask at times to get it all running correctly, but the thought of maybe two larger divisions may be more realistic for the future.

What is also a concern is that teams struggle to play league fixtures, but have no trouble sending multiple sides to Killarney for the ‘Munster Snooker Club Championships’ and this is another thing that surely has to be addressed.


Rebel Snooker information to or munstersnookercouncil@gmail.c


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