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Gilcreest Wins Masters Ranking Event 4

Colm Gilcreest won the fourth RIBSA Master Ranking event ‘ The Donegal Cup ‘ when he beat Michael Judge 3 frames to 2 on Sunday the 10th of January in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow. 

In the semi finals Michael Judge beat Frank Sarsfield 3-1 and Colm beat Nigel Power 3-1 and the high break prize was won by Colm Gilcreest with 103 break.

“The Donegal Cup”

Quarter Finals:
Michael Judge 3 v 1 Tony Seymour
Frank Sarsfield 3 v 0 Shane Gorman
Paul Griffin 0 v 3 Nigel Power
James Bateman 0 v 3 Colm Gilcreest

Semi Finals:
Michael Judge v Frank Sarsfield
Nigel Power v Colm Gilcreest


High Break to date:
Colm Gilcreest 103



The 2015 – 2016 RIBSA Masters Snooker Ranking Series will feature 6 Ranking events and the National Snooker Championships.  These rankings will be used to select the senior International players. 

Closing Dates

The closing date for Master tournaments will be 6pm on the Saturday before the event. The draw for each tournament will be available on the website, as soon as possible.

Prize Fund – All entries paid out in prize money and full breakdown provided on the day.

Minimum €500.00 guaranteed plus high break prize of €50 per event.

Winner 40%, Runner Up 20%, Semi Finalist 10% each, Q Finalist 5% each.

RIBSA will pay all tournament expenses.

Entry Fees

The cost of entry for Masters Tournaments will be €20.00 plus RIBSA registration of €15.00,

Players must be properly dressed for all RIBSA competitions. The dress code is dark shoes, dark one coloured trousers (no jeans), one coloured shirt buttoned at the wrist and waistcoat. Waistcoats must be worn for all matches. National Waistcoats are not permissible.

A Copy of the Rules for all tournaments will be available on the website and at tournaments. 


1. Peter Donegan – Northwest

2. Adrian Morrissey – Adamstown

3. Shane Gorman – Graigue

4. Pat Mooney – Planet S.C

5. Ray Scullion – Planet S.C.

6. Brendan Thomas – Roadstone 

7. Anthony Bonnar – North West

8. John Torpey – St. John’s Limerick

9. Colm Gilcreest – Navan

10. Keith Sheldreck – Q Club Wicklow

11. Stephen Walsh – Carrick-on-Suir

12. Kevin McMahon – St. John’s Limerick

13. John Farrell – Terry Rogers

14. Frank Sarsfield – St. John’s Limerick

15. Clive Smith – Wicklow

16. John McBride – Navan

17. Freddie Chute – Thurles

18. Tom Gleeson – Nenagh

19. Dylan Rees – Youghal

20. Eddie Ingle – Roadstone

21. Nigel Power – Potters Drogheda

22. Paul Griffin – Potters Drogheda 

23. James Bateman – Kilkenny

24. Alen Matic – Celbridge

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