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RIBSA Camp for EBSA Lithuania with PJ

Our National Coach PJ Nolan held his final training camp on Wednesday the 11th of May in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow from 11am – 4pm to prepare our RIBSA players for the 2016 EBSA Snooker Championships.

PJ worked with Michael Judge and Robert Murphy today on their Break Building, Long Potting and Safety games. PJ gave them a training plan to prepare for the European Snooker Championship which will be held from the 31st of May to the 11th of June in the city of Vilnuis in Lithuania.

Irish International player Mark Owens from Dublin joined in for Match Practice with the boys and PJ also worked on the psychology of the game which is vital at this level. Each player received a DVD of his action during the lesson and sports psychology booklet and audio to help with their mind fitness

2016 European 6 Red Championships

RIBSA Players : 1. Rodney Goggins, 2. Brendan O Donoghue and 3. Ryan Cronin

2016 European Team Championships 

RIBSA Mens Teams :  1. Robert Murphy & Michael Judge ( Defending Champions) 2. Jason Devaney & Rodney Goggins. 3. Brendan O Donoghue & Ryan Cronin

RIBSA Masters Teams : 1. Nigel Power & Peter Donegan. 2. John Torpey & Brendan Thomas

RIBSA Ladies Teams: 1. Michelle Sherwin & Claire Mill, 2. Paula Judge & Annette Pearson

2016 European Masters Singles Championship

RIBSA Masters Players : 1. Michael Judge, 2. Nigel Power, 3. Peter Donegan, 4. John Torpey. 5. Brendan Thomas.

2016 European Ladies Singles Championship

RIBSA Ladies Players : 1. Michelle Sherwin, 2. Claire Mill, 3. Paula Judge. 4. Annette Pearson 

Would you like to book your own session

If any player or club would like to like to book their own coaching session with PJ Nolan who is one of the world’s leading coaches they should email pjcoach147@hotmail.com for his next available date.

The cost of holding a RIBSA session is €20.00 per hour coaching time plus €20.00 per hour travel time from Carlow plus tolls and parking. If you would like to travel to the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow you can avail of a 2hr session for €65.00 which includes Lights, DVD of the lesson and Technique profile. 

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