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Judge Wins Senior Ranking Event 3

Michael Judge made a fantastic comeback from 0-3 down to win the final of the third RIBSA Senior Snooker Ranking event of the season ‘ The Presidents Cup ‘. In the Michael Judge played David Hogan in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow today the 11th of December and it was Hogan who was in fantastic form winning the opening three frames but it was the former professional player from Dublin who fought back to win the title.

In the semi-finals earlier today Michael Judge beat Johnny Williams 4-1 while David Hogan beat John Farrell 4-0.

The High Break prize went to Brendan O Donoghue for 113 break.

This event was the Cut off point for the 2017 EBSA Men’s Championships in Cyprus in March 2017 and the top 3 players on the senior ranking qualify after this event with the fourth player been nominated for a reserve place.

RIBSA would like to thank all the Players, Referees and the Ivy Rooms for making the event such a success again. RIBSA would like to wish all their members a happy Christmas and new year. 




The cost of entry for Senior Tournaments will be €30.00 for 21 and over. Players under 21 on 31st December 2015 will be classed as Junior – Entry fee for Juniors will be €15.

Entry for under 16’s will be free, (all players must be members of RIBSA to play in any tournament)

RIBSA registration fees are 21 and over – €15.00, 16-20 – €10.00 and Under 16 – €5.00 


The Top 16 players on the current Senior Rankings will be entered automatically into the draw for the event. If any player cannot play they must contact RIBSA to remove their name from the draw.

This event will have two tables live streamed from the Ivy Rooms over the weekend 



The 2016 – 2017 RIBSA Senior Snooker Ranking Series will feature 6 Ranking events and the National Snooker Championships this season.  These rankings will be used to select the senior International players. 

The players received a player’s letter and reregistration forms in the post. The players are requested to bring the forms filled in to the event.

If the tournament is running late the T D may decide to hold over the Semi –Finals and Final until the Sunday but not before 12noon so as not to interfere with the Masters Tournament schedule.

Prize Fund – Total prize fund for all senior events is €1350.

Winner                    = €500

R-up                       = €250

Semi’s                    = €240  (120 x 2)

Quarter’s                = €260   (65 x 4)

High Break             = €100

RIBSA will pay all tournament expenses.

Closing Dates

The closing date for senior tournaments will be 1pm on the Thursday before the start of competition, without exception.  The draw for each tournament will be available on the website, as soon as possible.

Players must be properly dressed for all RIBSA competitions. The dress code is dark shoes, dark one coloured trousers (no jeans), one coloured shirt buttoned at the wrist and waistcoat. Waistcoats must be worn for all matches. National Waistcoats are not permissible.

A Copy of the Rules for all tournaments will be available at the venue.


1. Brendan O Donoghue – New Institute

2. TJ Dowling

3. Robert Murphy 

4. Michael Judge 

5. Philip Browne 

6. John Farrell

7. Jason Devaney 

8. Ross Bulman – Youghal CYMS

9. David Cassidy 

10. David Hogan – New Institute

11. Charlie Sweeney – Newbridge CYMS

12. Philip O Connor – Darcy McGees

13. Stephen Reddington – Darcy McGees

14. Karl Fitzpatrick – Ivy Rooms

15.Mark Tuite – St Johns Limerick

16. Johnny Williams – 

17. Frank Sarsfield – St. John’s Limerick

18. Noel Landers – Youghal CYMS

19. Alan Cusack

20. Adam Fitzgerald – Youghal CYMS

21. Andrew Doherty

22. Stephen Bateman – Kilkenny Shed

23. Rodney Goggins – Wexford

24. Adam O’Shea-Dowling – Newbridge CYMS

25. Colvin O’Brien – Ivy Rooms

26. Benny O’Brien – Kilkenny Shed

27. Liam Brady – Darcy McGees

28. Tony Corrigan 

29. Mike Skelly – Newbridge CYMS

30. John O’Sullivan – Kilkenny Shed

31. Luke Bateman – Kilkenny Shed 

32. Alan O’Connor – Shooters

33. Mark Owens

34. Peter Dunne 

35. Dessie Sheehan

36. Paul Ludden

37. Tony Seymour – New Institute

38. Patrick Daly – Killarney

39. Richie Flynn – Hawk’s Nest

40. Ryan Cronin 

41. Oisin Bateman – Kilkenny

42. Paul Kelly – Newbridge CYMS

43. Adam Nolan – Newbridge CYMS

44. Dylan Rees – Youghal CYMS

45. Dane Daly Mulpeter – Darcy McGees

46. Daniel Dempsey – Newbridge CYMS

47. Greg Casey

48. Sean O’Toole

49. Aman Goel – North West

50. Anthony Bonnar – North West

51. Pat Bonnar – North West.

52. Diarmuid O’Connor – NUI Maynooth

53. Andy McCloskey – New Institute

54. Aaron Holland

55. Daniel O’Regan 

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