Friday, September 18

Myers Wins Intermediate Billiards

Lloyd Myers won the third RIBSA Intermediate ranking event of the season was played in the Ivy Rooms SC in Carlow on Sunday.  

In the final he beat James Bateman 400-316 in a great final

In the semi finals James Bateman beat Brendan Devlin and Lloyd Myers beat Liam Byrne.


Robert McCrum 325-400 Brendan Devlin

James Bateman 400-376 Aonghus McAnally

Liam Byrne 400-376 John Kehoe

Lloyd Myers 400-335 Derek O Neill

Semi Final

Brendan Devlin 309-400 James Bateman

Liam Byrne 334-400 Lloyd Myers


James Bateman 316 – 400 Lloyd Myers

Derek O Neill from Douglas SC in Cork won the plate final beating John Kehoe in the final 280-255   333

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