Sunday, July 12

IBSF World Championships

The IBSF World Snooker Championship is being held in the Billiard Hall of Karnataka State Billiards Association (KSBA), Bangalore, India from November 28 to December 03.


Rodney Goggins, Mark Tuite and Brendan O Donoghue are performing good with a number of good wins in their group matches in the Championships.

Rodney Goggins is in Group C and he has played 3 and won 2 matches. Mark Tuite is in Group J and he has played 3 and  won 2 matches.Brendan O Donoghue is in Group N and he has played 2 matches and won 1

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Everyone in Ireland wishes the three players the best of luck and click on the IBSF web site for all the latest news / photos.


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