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Ladies Intermediate Final – Sheldreck V ONeill

The ladies intermediate championships was held in Newbridge CYWMS on Sunday April 23rd.  A “round robin” format was agreed and Rhonda Sheldreck won her first 3 frames and could not be caught.  It was between Leah Brady and Tanya O’Neill to decide who would face Rhonda in the final.  Leah won the first frame with some excellent potting, so the pressure was on Tanya in the second frame which she had to win, to stay in the championships.  With some very good potting and safety play and with “Lady luck” on her side she won the frame to finish level on points with Leah.

 A one frame shoot-out would decide if Tanya or Leah would progress to the final.  Leah got off to a good star in the shoot-out frame and built up a commanding lead.  Tanya was not giving up without a fight and slowly reduced the lead and when she fluked the Blue she went 2 points in front on the pink.  Leah potted a terrific quarter ball pink to a middle pocket.  She was unlucky to leave a very thin cut on the Black with the full length of the table between cue-ball and object ball.  There was no easy safety shot and she felt she had to go for it.  But with the cue-ball touching the top cushion, it was a very difficult pot to attempt, unfortunately she imparted some unwanted side which threw the cue-ball slightly off course and missed the black.  

 Very unlucky Leah, you are a terrific potter and next season you will be a force to be reckoned with.  Well done to Rhonda and Tanya who will contest this year’s Ladies intermediate snooker final on finals weekend.

 This competition was played in a very friendly and cordial atmosphere throughout and one incident I witnessed, occurred in the first frame between Leah and Tanya.  Tanya needed a snooker on the Brown and when she saw Leah was cueing at the Blue, she stopped her from committing a foul and told her the Brown was the ball “on”.

 It was great to see such sporting behaviour.

 A big thank you to Newbridge CYWMS for the use of their excellent facilities, thanks to the girls for a terrific competition and I look forward to seeing you all again next season.

Report by Ger Murray

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