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U-18 & U-21 Snooker – PLAYERS NOTICE

The Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association will introduce a new system for qualification for the European Under 18 and Under 21 Championships, IBSF World Under 18 and Under 21 Championships and Home International Under 21 Team for the 2017 – 2018 season.

This new system will see our top 10 ranked Irish juniors playing against each other in a International Tour using the same format as International snooker events. At the same time RIBSA will hold Open Tour events to build up the confidence of the younger aged players to become winners in the future.

International Tour – Under 21 Players

1. Ross Bulman, 2. Noel Landers, 3. Shane Bates, 4. Aaron Hill, 5. Stephen Bateman, 6. Aaron Holland, 7. Adam Fitzgerald, 8. Darragh Cusack, 9. Ronan Whyte, 10. Sean Devenney.

Please Note : All players above must contact RIBSA by 29th of August to confirm place on Any other underage player can enter the Open tour on the same day.

International Tour – Under 18 Players 

1. Ross Bulman, 2. Aaron Goldrick, 3. Mark Gleeson, 4. Aaron Hill, 5. Sean Devenney, 6. Ronan Whyte, 7. Noel Gleeson, 8. John Fitzpatrick, 9. Adam O Shea Dowling, 10. Daniel Somers.

Please Note : All players above must contact RIBSA by 29th of August to confirm place on Any other underage player can enter the Open tour on the same day.

This new structure will see our National Coach PJ Nolan be Tournament Director at every U-18 & U-21 junior event next season.  Events will start in September and run until December to qualify players from the EBSA European Championships.

The second qualification will run from January to May to qualify players for the IBSF World Championships and the Home Internationals.

Plaese read full details below

RIBSA / EBSA International Tour

RIBSA will introduce an International Tour where the top 10 underage players from last season’s ranking will play in a league format of 4 frames per match. The players will play three match per day over the three qualifying days to find the qualifiers.

At the end of the three qualifying days, the bottom three players are relegated into the Open Tour while the top 3 on the open tour are promoted to the elite tour for the IBSF qualification.


Matches Won

Frames Difference

Head to Head

If Ties – 1 frame Playoff

Qualifying for EBSA Championships

1. Number 1 & 2 on International Tour Rankings

2. Highest Junior on Senior Rankings – at cut of point

3. Additional players from International Tour Rankings

Entry Fees

The International Tour entry fee is a total of €30.00 for the three qualifying events plus the 2017-2018 Reg €10.00. This must be paid to RIBSA on or before the 29th of August. After this date the next player on the ranking will be invited into the International Tour.

There will be no International Tour prize money or trophies as all the Entry fees will be added to the players grant towards the players playing in the upcoming International championships.

All juniors can qualify

All juniors also have a chance to qualify for the EBSA International events through the Senior Rankings as RIBSA will give the highest ranked junior on the senior ranking a qualifying spot for the Championships. This is to encourage more juniors to compete in the senior events.

If the senior rankings highest junior is the same player who qualifies from the International Tour Rankings then the International Rankings will choose the next qualified player.

RIBSA / EBSA Open Tour

RIBSA will also hold an open tour which will be played on the same day as the International Tour and in the same club. This is open to all player not on International Tour. This event will be played in a knock out format of best of 5 frames up to and including the final. This open tour will qualify players for the International Tour for the next qualification.

The closing date for entries will be the Friday before each event @1pm and the draw will be then published on the ribsa web site at 3pm.

Entry Fee

The entry fee will be €10.00 plus Reg. This can be paid on the day. Trophies will be awarded to the winner, runner up and high break in each of the three ranking events.

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