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Bulman wins Club Singles Championship

Ross Bulman from Youghal CYMS won the Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association National Club Singles Championship for 2017 in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club on Saturday the 26th of August. In the final Ross had breaks of 79 and 46 to beat John Farrell from Terry Rogers SC in a superb final 3 frames to 1.

The highest break went to John Farrell with a superb 98 break. RIBSA will award a Certificate to the winning club Youghal CYMS at the first RIBSA Senior ranking event of the season.

In the semi finals John Farrell beat the defending champion Philip O Connor 3 frames to 1 while Ross Bulman and Noel Landers fought to a decider with Bulman coming out the winner 3-2 on the black.

RIBSA would like to thank all the players for entering this event. The Ivy Rooms SC for hosting the event, Paddy Hanafin for refereeing on the day.


Pre-Lim Round

Pre-Lim 1: Colvin O Brien 3-2 Paddy Brady

Pre-Lim 2: Alex Currid 0-3 Jack Connolly

Pre-Lim 3: Mark Gleeson 3-1 Dominic O’Connor

Last 16

Jim Carrick 0-3 Colvin O Brien

Philip O Connor 3-0 Brian McPhee

Philip Browne 3-0 Aaron Smith

John Farrell 3-0 Mark Gleeson

Noel Landers 3-0 Dennis O Donnell

Mark Walsh 3-1 Jack Connolly

Benny O Brien 3-1 Ryan Mc Guirk

Dane Mulpeter 0-3 Ross Bulman


Colvin O Brien 0-3 Philip O Connor

Philip Browne 2-3 John Farrell

Noel Landers 3-2 Mark Walsh

Benny O Brien 2-3 Ross Bulman


Philip O Connor 1-3 John Farrell

Noel Landers 2-2 Ross Bulman


John Farrell 1-3 Ross Bulman

High Breaks

98, 76 John Farrell,

79 Ross Bulman

81 Jack Connolly,

68, 49 & 71 Colvin O Brien,



1. Dane Daly Mulpeter – Darcy McGees

2. Philip O Connor – Darcy McGees

3. Benny O’Brien – Kilkenny Shed

4. John Farrell – Terry Rogers

5. Philip Browne – Terry Rogers

6. Brian Mc Phee – Potters Drogheda

7. Mark Walsh – New Inistute SC

8. Noel Landers – Youghal CYMS

9. Ross Bulman –  Youghal CYMS

10. Jack Connolly – NUI Maynooth

11. Paddy Brady – NUI Maynooth

12. Colvin O’Brien – Ivy Rooms

13. Alex Currid – Liam Mellows

14. Jim Carrick – Newbridge CYMS

15. Denis O’Donnell – Newbridge CYMS

16. Dominic O’Connor – Commercial Club Dundalk

17. Ryan McGuirk – R & R Snooker Club

18. Aaron Smith – R & R Snooker Club

19. Mark Gleeson – New Inistute SC

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