Murphy victorious in 2010 Premier Cup

The re-scheduled 4th Senior Snooker Ranking Event ( Premier Cup ) in the RIBSA Senior Series was played in Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow over the weekend. Robert Murphy reached the final with superb quality snooker over the weekend to face Phil Arnold who reached his first ever RIBSA Senior Ranking Final.

Both players were on the Republic of Ireland team that reached the Q-Final in the European Team Championship in Malta last month. It always going to be a hard battle in the final but it was the more experienced Murphy who had 3 breaks over 50 to win the title 5 frames to nil with good potting and great safety game.

Phil had a superb event with wins over Dessie Sheehan and Greg Casey and Robert Donohue and Clinton Franey in the semis. Murphy had good wins over Josh Boileau, Philip Browne, Johny Williams and Vincent Muldoon in the Semi Finals

Robert has now reduced the points at the top of the Irish rankings with Rodney Goggins after he was unable to compete in this event after a family death. Our deepest sympathy goes to him and all his family at this sad time. There were some great performances in this event with Robert Donohue reaching his first Q –Final and Clinton Freaney reaching his first Semi Final.

The Highest break prize went to George Tierney with a 113 break, Robert Murphy had a 111 break and Vincent Muldoon had a 108 and 100 break.  RIBSA would like to thank Jim & Marion Leacy from The Ivy Snooker Club for the excellent facilities and all their help over the weekend.

Finally I would like to thank all the players for another great snooker display and I look forward to seeing them again in the National Championship on the 8th and 9th of May in the Ivy Rooms


  • Mario Fernandez 3-0 Shane Gorman
  • Jason Devaney 1-3 Colvin O’Brien
  • John O’Sullivan 3-2 David Cassidy
  • Kevin McMahon 0-3 Clinton Franey
  • Robert Redmond 2-3 Robert Donohoe
  • Philip Burke 3-2 John Sutton
  • Greg Casey 3-2 Shea Brereton
  • Dessie Sheehan 1-3 Phil Arnold
  • John Torpey 3-2 Dane Daly
  • Karl Fitzpatrick 3-2 Joe Corrigan
  • Joe Delaney 3-2 George Tierney
  • Brendan Murphy 2-3 Vincent Muldoon
  • Jason Keogh 1-3 Nigel Power
  • Stephen Sherry 0-3 Jonny Williams
  • Philip Browne 3-0 John Lynch
  • Josh Boileau 0-3 Robert Murphy


  • Mario Fernandez 1-3 Colvin O’Brien
  • John O’Sullivan 0-3 Clinton Franey
  • Robert Donohoe 3-1 Philip Burke
  • Greg Casey 1-3 Phil Arnold
  • John Torpey 3-0 Karl Fitzpatrick
  • George Tierney 2-3 Vincent Muldoon
  • Jonny Williams 3-1 Nigel Power
  • Philip Browne 1-3 Robert Murphy


  • Colvin O’Brien 2-4 Clinton Franey
  • Robert Donohoe 0-4 Phil Arnold
  • John Torpey 1-4 Vincent Muldoon
  • Johnny Williams 3-4 Robert Murphy

Semi  Finals

  • Robert Murphy 4-3 Vincent Muldoon
  • Phil Arnold 4-1 Clinton Franey


  • Robert Murphy 5-0 Phil Arnold

Tournament High Breaks

  • George Tierney 113, 85
  • Robert Murphy 111, 96
  • Vincent Muldoon 100, 108, 74
  • Colvin O Brien 93, 83
  • Philip Browne 72

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