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World Billiards Preview

The 2011 IBSF World Billiards Championships will be held in the Ivy Rooms, Carlow from the 23rd of August to the 1st of September and will see the World’s top billiard cueists battle it out for the title.

The likes of Pankaj Advani, Geet Setti, Peter Gilcrest and Mike Russell are all expected to attend and compete alongside our own players and more for the prestigious title.

We will bring you much more info on the event closer to the date as well as the full line up for the event which will sure to be a fantastic 10 days play in Carlow in both the timed and points versions of the sport.

Below is a list of all the previous IBSF World Billiards Champions and finalists which includes all the players we mentioned. 


Year Venue Winner Country Runner-up Country Score
2010 India (timed) Mike Russell England Peter Gilchrist Singapore 4120-784
2010 India (points) Mike Russell England Pankaj Advani India 6-0
2008 India (timed) Pankaj Advani India Devendra Joshi India 2368-2020
2008 India (points) Pankaj Advani India Geet Sethi India 6-1 (150up)
2007 Singapore (timed) Pankaj Advani India Dhruv Sitwala India 1946-1488
2007 Singapore (points) Rupesh Shah India Ashok Shandilya India 6-4 (150up)
2005 Malta Pankaj Advani India Geet Sethi India 2242-1717
2003 India Lee Lagan England Geet Sethi India 6-5 (150up)
2002 Australia (timed) Mike Russell England Geet Sethi India 2438-1499
2002 Australia (points) Ashok Shandilya India Praprut Chaithanasakun Thailand 11-9 (50up)
2001 New Zealand Geet Sethi India Ashok Shandilya India 3484-1289
2000 England Chris Shutt England Roxton Chapman England 11-9 (50up)
1999 Ireland Praput Chaithanasakun Thailand Paul Bennett England 3201-1657
1998 Australia Robby Foldvari Australia Praprut Chaithanasakun Thailand 1869-1439
1997 Malta Joe Grech Malta Ashok Shandilya India 2895-2836
1990 Bangalore Manoj Kothari India Ashok Shandilya India 2890-2422
1987 Belfast Geet Sethi India Joe Grech Malta 4846-3256
1985 Dublin Geet Sethi India Robert Marshall Australia 3809-2453
1983 Malta Michael Ferreira India Subhash Agrawal India 3933-2744
1981 Delhi Michael Ferreira India Norman Dagley England 2725-2631
1979 Sri Lanka Paul Mifsud Malta Norman Dagley England 2943-2152
1977 Melbourne Michael Ferreira India Bob Close England 2683-2564
1975 Auckland Norman Dagley England Michael Ferreira India 3385-2268
1973 Bombay Mohammed Lafir Sri Lanka Satish Mohan India Round Robin
1971 Malta Norman Dagley England Mannie Francisco South Africa Round Robin
1969 London Jack Karnehm England Michael Ferreira India Round Robin
1967 Colombo Leslie Driffield England Mohammed J M Lafir Sri Lanka Round Robin
1964 Pukekohe Wilson Jones India Jack Karnehm England Round Robin
1962 Perth Robert (Bob) Marshall Australia Wilson Jones India 3623-2891
1960 Edinburgh Herbert Beetham England Jim Long Australia Round Robin
1958 Calcutta Wilson Jones India Leslie Driffield England Round Robin
1954 Sydney Tom Cleary Australia Robert (Bob) Marshall Australia Round Robin
1952 Calcutta Leslie Driffield England Robert (Bob) Marshall Australia Round Robin
1951 London Robert (Bob) Marshall Australia Frank Edwards England Round Robin
1938 Melbourne Robert (Bob) Marshall Australia Kingsley Kennerley England Round Robin
1936 Johannesburg Robert (Bob) Marshall Australia Allan Prior South Africa Round Robin
1935 London Horace Coles Wales J McGhie Scotland Round Robin
1933 London Sydney Lee England Tom Jones Wales Round Robin
1931 Sydney Laurie Steeples England Sydney Lee England Round Robin
1929 Johannesburg Les Hayes Australia Allan Prior South Africa Round Robin
1927 London Allan Prior South Africa Horace Coles Wales Round Robin
1926 London Joe Earlam England George Shailer Australia Round Robin


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