Friday, September 18

Coaching Day in Fermoy CYMS

This week our National Coach PJ Nolan held a Snooker Coaching day in Fermoy CYMS  in County Cork and its members were very keen to improve their game before the Munster Club Championships this weekend in Killarney.

The snooker room contains three snooker tables and former International player Daithi Whelan was keen on getting his game in shape for Killarney. PJ worked mainly on getting him on line and teaching him how to cue up to the middle of the cue ball which is key to improving his game.

All the members practiced PJ’s cue ball control and safety routines. Committee David Joyce, Tom Aherne were impressed with the quality of the coaching during the day. If any player or club would like to like to book a coaching session with PJ Nolan who is one of the world’s leading coaches they should email for his next available date.

The cost of holding a RIBSA session is €20.00 per hour coaching time plus €15.00 per hour travel time from Carlow plus tolls and parking. If you would like to travel to the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow you can avail of a 2hr session for €55.00 which includes Lights, DVD of the lesson and Technique profile. 


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