Wednesday, September 23

Format – Seeds & Byes

RIBSA will be using the following method this season. The following numbers of seeds will apply for all senior, Masters and Intermediate and Junior tournaments.

Entries from 65 – 128 – 16 Seeds

Entries from 33 – 64 – 8 Seeds

Entries from 17 – 32 – 4 Seeds

Entries from 0 – 16 – 2 Seeds

Depending on the number of entries the seeds will be entered into draw first, then the byes will be awarded to the seeds in order.  The appropriate number of first round matches are then drawn and placed into draw at random. In the event there are more byes than seeds, the remaining entries will be placed in the draw also at random and receive the additional byes.


In a tournament with 23 players, there will be 9 byes awarded, the first 4 will go to the 4 seeds. Then 7 matches will be drawn at random and placed in the draw. The remaining 5 players will also be drawn at random and will receive the last 5 byes.

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