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Juniors shine on Development Day

The Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association (RIBSA) held their first Junior Snooker Developmental Day of the season on the 28th of October in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow.

  • The Stars of the Future

Marie Gleeson, Aoife Gleeson, Noel Gleeson, Aaron Smith, John Fitzpatrick, Ryan McGuirk, Ronan McGuirk, David Doyle, Diarmuid Roche, Rory Callinan, Sionnon Callinan, Adam Quinn, Luke Bateman and Oisin Bateman attended on the day.  RIBSA Vice Chairman Ger Murray was delighted to see so many young talented players from all around Ireland attending which goes well for the future of our Sport in Ireland.

  • RIBSA Coaching Team

All junior players were invited to attend the day from 11am – 4pm with our Irish National Coach PJ Nolan and his team of RIBSA Coaches Declan Quinn and Ger Murray to learn some skills of the game. The players learnt about their Approach, Bridge, Stance, Grip, Cue on Line and they played various mini tournaments on the day to work on their potting skills.

Each player received coaching manuals and a number of 147acadey booklets to improve their overall game.  PJ and the RIBSA coaches gave some tips to the players and they practiced some key practice routines to improve their cue ball control and cueing.

National Coach PJ Nolan was delighted with the turn out on the day and the attitude of the players on listening to the coaching advice on the day.  Each developmental day is important in helping RIBSA grow the game in Ireland and PJ is already looking forward to the next day on the 30th of December.

  • The winners on the day

A re-spotted black match-play tournament was held first and this event was won by young up and coming 11year old lady champion Aoife Gleeson from Nenagh who beat all the boys on the day to win the event. The second match-play event was won by RIBSA elite squad player Ryan McGuirk from Navan. The other awards on the day went to best newcomer David Doyle and youngest player awards went to Marie Gleeson and Rory Callinan. The five players received medals and silver trays.

  • Referee Seminar

RIBSA International Referee Ger Murray gave the players a seminar on the rules of the game focusing on free balls situations, spotting colours, foul and miss situations and calling the breaks properly. The players found it very good and having the players knowing the rules is very important and this will help them become more successful in the future.

  • Thank you

RIBSA would like thank the Ivy Rooms for hosting the event and to all the players, parents, and to Ger Murray and Declan Quinn for attending a very successful day.

  • Next Development Day

Details of the next RIBSA development day were announced today and it will be held on December 30th from 11am – 4pm in the Ivy Rooms SC and the cost to each player will be €5.00.  For more information contact or PJ Nolan on

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